Single or Multihand Video Poker

Published on: May 17, 2016 

Video poker is one of the most played games at any casino and with the offering of many games at online casinos, players will have tons of titles to choose from. These games are known to offer some of the best chances at winning and as long as players use optimal strategy, they can reap some great rewards when betting real money. With many video poker games online, leading developers have created multi-hand versions of these games. This provides players to play more than one hand at a time, collecting multiple rewards and having more ways to boost account balances.

Players may have some questions pertaining to the benefits of playing multiple hands. The odds of winning do not change, no matter how many hands are in play, so players have to pay attention to the variation of the game selected and the overall pay tables. The same pay tables are used on single hand games as are with some multi-hand games, though there are few full pay versions when players start to play 50 or 100 hand games. It is always best to choose a game that has the best pay table, even if this means playing just a single hand at a time.

Playing a multi-hand game should not change the strategy that is being used. It will not matter how many hands are in play. If players use optimal video poker strategy, they will always have better chances of wining. One mistake many players make is altering their strategy when they play more than one hand and this can often lead to more losses.

The main thing to consider when playing multi-hand video poker is the cost of the game. Since bets have to be placed on every hand that is play, this can multiply the overall bet and quickly deplete a bankroll. Players need to make sure they can afford to play all hands and if they cannot, they may be able to reduce the coin denomination being used so they can benefit from some multi-hand action. It is also important to always bet 5 coins per hand as this will award the top payout should a Royal Flush be obtained.

Single and Multihand video poker can offer great benefits and payers have to decide which version of the game to play based on their strategies and their bankrolls.

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