Shotgun Slot Strategy

Published on: December 13, 2016 

The majority of players who enter an online casino will be drawn to the offering of slot games. These casino games are easy to play and can offer some amazing rewards when real money bets are placed. As most players will know, slots are games of chance, so there is little players can do to alter the outcome. However, there are different betting strategies that can help players generate more payouts and have a rewarding experience when they access a slot at any operating online casino. One strategy that is used by a number of players is the shotgun strategy, which is discussed here.

This strategy is used by players who are playing a 5 coin slot game and it will involve playing different games for short gambling sessions. The Shotgun strategy involved speed, so it is important to have quick access to games. It will not matter how many different slots players choose to play, but there will have to be a total of 15 coins per game selected. Let’s say the player chooses 10 games. They will have to have 150 coins available to play using this strategy.

The 15 coins that are for each game will be bet in a specific order, which is 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. One the first spin, players will bet just a single coin. They will then increase to two coins for the second spin, three for the third, four for the fourth and five for the fifth. With this strategy, the bets that are placed are not relevant to any winnings that have been generated. Players will simply complete the betting sequence and move to a different slot game.

However, the betting will be altered a bit with a win on a game. If one spin hits, the same bet will be repeated. For example, if the three coin bet wins, the next bet placed will be three coins once again, instead of four. Players who have small bankroll cam alter this strategy a bit to suit their budget. Fewer lines can be played on a game, which will shorten the betting sequence. No matter how the strategy is used, it presents players with a chance to enjoy multiple games while still having great chances to win large rewards with the higher coin bets.

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