Saving Online Casino Roulette Betting Patterns

Published on: August 4, 2010 

One of the advantages of a computer based system is that it can be programmed to perform repetitive tasks on its own. Gaming software developers are using this characteristic to incorporate features in online casino games that give advantages over their land based counterparts. One very useful example can be seen in online roulette. Placing the standard bets like straight bets or even money bets can get boring after a while in roulette. Many players like to place bets on ‘personal’ numbers like telephone numbers or birthdays to make the wagering more interesting or because they think it will be lucky for them. Such wagering means distributing chips over different numbers in the layout. This has its own drawback because if it has to be performed bet after bet it can get tiring. Therefore some of the leading online gaming software developers have a mechanism by which players can save bets and then implement them at the click of a single button. One such software developer is Microgaming.

European Gold Roulette is one Microgaming roulette variant that allows players to save bets. Some other Microgaming roulette versions also offer this feature. This feature is available in the Expert Mode, which can be activated by clicking on the Expert button in the bottom toolbar. The player should then click the Edit Layout button on the left side of the screen. This takes the player to a second screen. This screen displays a blank roulette layout on the center and right of the screen and the operating buttons on the left. There are two ways to transfer the betting patterns on to the layout. The player can arrange the pattern on the table layout before clicking the Edit Layout button. Then he can click the Get Table Bets button in the second screen and the betting pattern will be transferred to the layout. Alternatively the player can arrange the betting pattern directly on the second screen. 

Suppose that the player wants to bet on the digits of his birth date which is 12-07-1965. He will first select the chip of the desired denomination and then click the various digits of his birth date on the layout. Then by clicking the Save Layout button this bet is saved at Bet Layout 1. The player can click on the Clear button to clear the layout and can place the next pattern on the layout. Being of a mathematical bent of mind he may want to bet on the numbers of the progression 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32. Again he follows the same procedure and saves the pattern. Before saving the pattern the player must activate Bet Layout 2 otherwise the pattern will be saved as Bet Layout 1, deleting the pattern earlier saved there. In this manner the player can save up to 8 patterns. One major disadvantage of this feature is that the player cannot name the patterns as per his convenience and hence is constrained to remember which layout has which pattern.

After the player has saved the desired patterns he can click the Back To Table button to return to the game. Now in the Use Layout section on the bottom left of the screen the buttons corresponding to the patterns saved will be highlighted. All that he needs to do is to click on the appropriate button and the pattern will appear on the layout. The player can then spin the wheel and test his luck.

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