Roulette: Knowing When to Quit

Published on: August 25, 2015 

Money management and discipline play an important role in being successful at the roulette tables. Aside from knowing what bets to place and how to use some strategies, it is equally important for players to know when to quit so they can preserve their bankroll and benefit from the amounts that have been won at the table. Even though roulette is all about luck, knowing when to quit can increase the chances of any player walking away a winner. The trends, or streaks, in roulette can more in favour of the player as well as against the player and this can happen at any time. When playing online roulette, players need to know when to exit the game so they can benefit financially.

One thing to do is to set stop loss point, which is the amount hat player re willing to lose. They also need to set profit targets, the amount they wish to win. By setting limits, players can be in complete control f their bankroll and will be able to calculate exactly what has been won or lost. Let’s say players have $1000 and they have set a stop loss of $200. This means that as soon as they have lost $200 at the table, they should leave and quit the game.

There is also a Hit and Run strategy that can provide an advantage over the house when playing roulette. This means that when players hit and they have not yet reached their target profit, they should quit and take the winnings. By playing on and meeting the stop loss, those winnings can be lost as well as the budget for the day, leaving players with nothing.

Some players will not set a monetary budget, but instead will set a spin budget. This means they will play a set number of spins, or games of roulette. Should players win on the initial spins, they can increase bet amounts in hopes of winning more as the finish their set spins for that gambling session. When playing roulette or any other real money game online, always know the maximum amount that can be lost and be sure to quit before losing any additional money. This is one of the best ways to be a successful player and to benefit from winning streaks or large payouts.

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