Rival Gaming's Reel Crime Bank Heist i-Slot Review

Published on: August 6, 2014 

In the online slot world, the vast majority of games are based off of playing one spin at a time, and all spins are seen as independent results from each other. Rival Gaming thinks that this is a really boring approach to the genre, so they created an entirely new line of slots called the i-Slots. Reel Crime Bank Heist is one of the titles in this series, and it's based more around a progressive plot that moves forward and keeps the game going than just mindlessly mashing the bet button over and over again for your entire session until you get bored.

Reel Crime Bank Heist uses a 15-payline format across five reels. This is a low-volatility game that's built more around a steady stream of small and medium payouts than large jackpots. The idea is that you want to be able to see as much of the story as possible, and that's exactly what this volatility level does for you. There are a ton of features that open up as you move along, and there are a wide variety of available bet sizes to make sure that you can bet at whatever levels you want.

Something that's really interesting about this game is that you'll be relying on a lot of normal payouts instead of having a wild symbol to worry about. As the story unfolds, you'll go through four stages. The first is the Plant, the second is 'In the Bank,' the third is 'On the Run,' and is 'Dynamite.' You get different features available at different stages, and it's all about trying to get the major payout of 750x or multiples of this payout thanks to the free spins bonus round with multipliers.

Because there are four different stages, there are different bonus rounds that can come out at different times, so overall there are a ton of different ways to get bonus payouts. There's a Dynamite bonus feature, a Tommy Gun feature, a Choose Your Card bonus round, Dynamite spins, the Caught bonus round, and the Getaway free spins. With so many ways to get bonus payouts, you don't have to worry so much about the fact that the top payout during the normal game is just 750x. This game is atypical in that sense, but there are a ton of ways to get value otherwise, so it works out well.

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