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Published on: September 28, 2009 

The leading online gaming software provider, Rival Gaming has created a name for itself through its unique slot games known as I-slots. Online slot games tend to be repetitive and this can lead to loss of interest in the game. Many software providers get over this difficulty by introducing new games very frequently. However I-slots deal with this issue differently. They narrate a story and have different bonus games at different critical places in the story. Very often the outcome of the bonus game decides the turn that the story will take. Therefore playing the I-slot can be a different experience each time.

One of the earliest I-slots released by Rival Gaming was Reel Crime: Art Heist. It still remains one of the most popular I-slots. Art Heist first introduces the story. Remy and Raoul are art thieves who are planning a daring robbery. Players have to take five steps to help them. These are selecting the painting, gathering the tools, eluding the police, finding a buyer and managing the sale without being caught. These steps take place in five bonus rounds that proceed sequentially. If the player succeeds in all of them Remy and Raoul will spend their money in Jamaica. Otherwise they will go to jail. The entire sequence is shown in a game map that enables the players to trace their progress through the story. The first bonus round is triggered by three Art Heist logos anywhere on the screen. The bonus game reveals a number of boxes. Players have to keep picking the boxes one by one until they expose one of the masterpieces they want to steal. That painting then becomes their target and players receive bonus credits for helping Remy and Raoul choose the painting. The other bonus rounds proceed similarly.

Another popular I-slot is Reel Crime: Bank Heist. The player is invited to join the gang that will be committing the robbery. The four stages in this I-slot are getting the key to the bank, getting into the bank, cracking the safe and making an escape. Again a game map is provided so that players can track the progress of the game. In order to get to the first bonus round players have to draw three Tommy Gun symbols on the reels. In the bonus round players have to shoot at a number of objects. One of these objects hides the key to the bank. Players have to shoot at this object before they shoot the booby and get busted. The next stage of the robbery is played on the reels. The robbers are opening the combination to the safe. Every time they get three Safe symbols on the reels they are one step closer to opening the safe. Every time they get three Police symbols on the reels they are one step closer to being caught. If they manage to open the safe they proceed to the next round. If they get caught they go to jail and are bailed out but have to start the game all over again.

Rival Gaming online casinos offer a dozen I-slots. The latest are Rock On, Psychedelic Sixties and Spy Game. As the Reels Turn is a popular series of I-slots featuring three different games. All I-slots can be played at Rival Gaming online casinos like Sloto’ Cash and Ruby Royal.

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