Rival Gaming 3D Slots

Published on: June 29, 2011 

Rival Gaming has introduced a new sub category of online slots games in its portfolio. These have been classified as 3D Slots at Rival Gaming online casinos. With sustained additions, the Rival Gaming 3D Slots now boast of nine excellent titles.

The 3D slots have strong themes that tell a story. The story is introduced through a video clip that plays out before the reels appear on the screen. The introductory clip in Beretta’s Revenge describes a past incident in which Beretta’s policemen colleagues were killed by a criminal. The Dog Casher has the rich pooch Cheri running away from home to find friends and landing in a dog pound.

The 3D aspect of these slot games goes beyond the symbols. The entire display comprising the background, foreground and the reels is integrated into a scene in 3D. The operating buttons are also cleverly built in into this scene. Shangri-La is the most striking example of this feature. The background shows the temple garden, the reels are built into the temple, in the foreground is a pool with rocks and the rocks are the game operating buttons.

Animation in the symbols on the reels is an important feature in Rival Gaming slot games and the 3D slots also incorporate such animations. But in the 3D slot games the animations go beyond that. Important characters from the slot game appear in the foreground in an animated manner. For example in McMurphy, the boy Bart bounces a ball in the garden in front of his home. In French Cuisine the door keeper keeps taking a swig of the bottle. These foreground animations are not random. They are activated to announce winning payouts. Also if the player has kept the reels idle for long then these animations draw his attention. Most of these animations are accompanied by appropriate audio voices.

Many of the themes in the Rival Gaming 3D slot games have a twist and this twist manifests in the free spins bonus round. Dog Casher is an excellent example of how this happens. In the introductory clip Cheri finds her self in the pound and the symbols on the reels depict her morose condition there. The question that is asked is will Cheri return home. Cheri does return home during the free spins. The free spins have a different set of symbols that show Cheri and her dog friends having a good time in her posh mansion. In Mr. Magoo 3D slot game the main reels depict the adventure in the island with Mr. Magoo searching for the ruins. In the free spins the scene shifts to the ruins where the treasure is hidden.

The 3D Rival Gaming slot games have some new innovative features as well. One of these is the Click Me Bonus, which is available in some of the games. The feature is triggered when the designated symbol appears on the reels. The player can click any of the visible designated symbols and is awarded bonus credits. Some of the 3D Rival Gaming slot games have a unique way of triggering the free spins. When ever the designated alignment of symbols appears the player wins an item. In Dog Casher the item is a key of the pound. In Shangri-La it is a Koi fish. When the player accumulates the requisite number of items the free spins round gets activated. Some of the Rival Gaming online casinos where these 3D slots games can be played are Sloto’ Cash and Ruby Royal.

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