Protect Your Online Casino Account With Passwords

Published on: May 4, 2009 

Online casino wagering is an adult pastime for obvious reasons. All online casinos specify the minimum age required for membership to the casino. Yet children are attracted to online casinos if only for the unbridled entertainment they offer. Therefore parents need to take steps to ensure that their children cannot access their casino accounts.

Actually online players need to protect their online casino accounts from any unauthorized entry. This is all the more important where players share the computers with others, especially friend and relatives who may drop in for a visit. Not only could such persons wager with the players funds but their actions may also result in bonus abuse.

Fortunately there are very simple measures that need to be taken. In fact the simplest of them all is usually the most neglected. Most online casinos ask the players when they log in whether they would like the password saved. The advantage is that the next time the player accesses the casino he is not asked for the password but automatically logged in. This facility is generally used by players who do not remember their password or who feel that the task of keying in the eight or so characters is cumbersome. But such players may have to pay a high price for their forgetfulness or lethargy. Even if the player is a single user of the computer he should not get the password saved. If the player shares the computer it is suicidal to get the password saved. So when the software asks the player whether he would liked the password saved the answer should be NO. It is important to point out that the players must not leave their computers while logged in to online casinos. This renders the use of passwords redundant.

It makes a lot of sense to take the password protection to a higher level. All operating systems have a facility that allows users to set a password for accessing the computer. Enabling this facility will prevent unauthorized access to the computer. Hence children or other unauthorized people will not be able to access the files where the online casino software has been downloaded. If the computer is shared it is possible for the different users to have different passwords for accessing their individual files.

If online players religiously follow these two practices then they can be assured that neither their children nor outsiders will be able to access their online casino accounts. However they should make sure that they do not leave the passwords jotted on paste it slips lying around.

Parents must know that it is possible for people to register for playing for free at online casinos by giving bogus birth dates because no documents are asked for in this case. In case parents do not want their children to even play for free they should install one of the good filters that are available from the Internet.

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