Pros and Cons of Multi Hand Video Poker

Published on: March 8, 2016 

Video poker games are thought to be among the best possible games for any real money player to play. These games are known for offering some of the best payout percentages, with some titles offering rewards that are 100% or more. With the growing demand for video poker games, leading providers have developed multi hand video poker games. With these, players will have the ability to play more than one hand at a time, with a maximum of 100 in play during a single game. While there are many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to these games and here, we examine both so that players have a complete understanding of multi hand video poker selections.

When playing multiple hands of video poker, players will obviously have more chances to win. If they are playing a game with 100 hands, it is possible to achieve payouts on all 100 hands, creating the ability to collect massive rewards from these games. Since multi hand games deal the exact starting hands to all hands in play, players who are lucky enough to have a pair or better dealt will know they will immediately benefit from multiple payouts. The payouts can increase with the draw, which will replace all unheld cards with new cards, with each hand using a separate deck of cards.

While it is possible to collect multiple returns on the bet, playing multi hand video poker can be costly. Players wall have to place a wager on every hand that is in play, which can quickly deplete the bankroll if winning hands are not generated. Unless players are dealt a great beginning hand, containing a pair or better, the chances of generating profits from this round is very low. Multi hand video poker games also have a higher variance, so it is not as easy to win with these games.

Before players choose any video poker game, they should review the pay table and also the payout percentages. The best bet is to find a game with full pay and also one that has the highest possible payout rate. This will be the best game to play in a multi hand format, but remember, a larger bankroll will be required to play for any length of time.

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