Progressive Slot Pros and Cons

Published on: May 3, 2016 

Any player that has ever gambled in the past will have heard of progressive jackpot games and the great payouts these games can offer. At online casino sites, many leading developers have created games that not only provide hours of gambling action, but also offer the chance to collect a huge payout in the form of a jackpot. Jackpot games are very appealing and many new players may make the mistake of jumping right to these games. While they can offer superb payouts, titles that are linked to progressive jackpots are not always the best choice for all players. There are pros and cons to these games, just as with any other casino game.

Obviously, the main benefit of playing a progressive jackpot game is having the chance to win thousands, even millions from a single bet being placed. There are some jackpot slots online that offer over $1 million in seed payouts and these games will turn a lot of heads. In addition to the offering of slots with progressive jackpots, there are also other games that can be played, such as blackjack variations, some roulette games, video poker and more. The highlight is the thrill of becoming that next instant millionaire.

While progressive games do offer huge payout opportunities, these games may not fit into all casino budgets. A number of games that feature a progressive will require players to bet higher amounts to be eligible. When playing table and card games with jackpots, players will often be required to place a side bet, which will eat away at the bankroll. Unfortunately, the majority of games that do feature a progressive are costly and may not benefit those with small casino budgets.

However, some online software providers realise the huge attraction to such games and have developed game titles that do not require this huge bet. These random progressive jackpot games may offer smaller jackpot payouts, but the amount can be won with any real money bet on the game. One of the main downfalls to playing any progressive is the lower base game payouts. Titles that feature a large jackpot usually have lower payout rates than other titles, so players will not win as much as they play, which can deter a number of real money players.

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