Principles and Guidelines for Learning Different Casino Poker Games

Published on: July 2, 2014 

In the online casino world, there are different genres or categories of games that people tend to like to play. For example, if you like one type of casino poker, then you're likely going to be involved with playing other types of it. With casino poker in particular, players can increase their skill in the games to improve their payout rates because strategy is such an important part of the genre. If you want to approach the topic of improving at the genre level instead of at the level of the individual games, then you have to look at general guidelines and principles that drive play.

For example, there's the topic of drawing. Different games use drawing in different ways, but you almost always have to pay to do it. The price can vary from game to game, but it's usually the price of one ante per card drawn. There are no cases in any casino poker game, usually, where it can be possible to be correct to draw more than one card. That leaves you with straight draws, flush draws, and atypical situations where a draw might be profitable like AKQJ with no flush draw where you get value from the high cards for pairs.

Typically you have to choose between continuing to play your hand or folding. Continuing to play will be described as a call or a raise, and it involves seeing more cards and deciding if the dealer wins or not. You need to be folding some percentage of the time, and it's usually going to be a relatively low percentage of the time at that. You need to be able to figure out what the worst hands are so that you aren't folding too much, and you do this with the different forms of information that are available to you.

Your most important piece of information is almost always going to be the cards in your hand. This is the most important thing that will determine the value of the situation that you're in. Next up is any cards that you can see of the dealer. These are usually not quite as important and only come into play when you have borderline situations that could go either way otherwise. If you keep focused on these sources of information, then you'll usually be on the right track to playing well no matter which type of casino poker you're playing.

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