Playtech Spin A Win Arcade Game

Published on: April 11, 2013 

Playtech is the software provider that offers the best collection of arcade games at its online casinos. There is a wide variety of such games on offer. One of these is titled Spin A Win. It resembles online roulette somewhat, but has certain interesting differences as well.

The wheel of Spin A Win has only 24 numbers. There is no ball as in online roulette, but a fixed pointer. The number at this pointer when the wheel stops is the number called. Playtech Spin A Win uses numbers of five different colors and color covers a different number of numbers. Players should not be overjoyed at not seeing '0', because the house edge has been built into the payouts directly. The payouts in Spin A Win include the return of the original wager and this is an important difference from online roulette.

Different kinds of bets can be placed by clicking the appropriate area on the layout. Players can wager on a single number from 1 to 24. Each bet offers a payout of 23.4. Players can also bet on the following groups of eight numbers: 1to 8, 9 to 16 and 17 to 24. The payout is 2.9 in each case. Bets can be placed to cover the numbers of different colors, but because each color has different number of numbers the payouts are different for each color. Brown has 7 numbers and a payout of 3.3, green has 6 numbers and a payout of 3.9, blue has 5 numbers and a payout of 4.6, yellow has 4 numbers and a payout of 5.8 and red has 2 numbers and a payout of 11.7. Players can wager on combinations of colors as well. The even or odd bet is also available. In this case each set contains 12 numbers and the payout is 1.9.

There is a bet on certain online roulette variants based on French Roulette that cover all numbers ending with the specified digit. A similar bet is offered in the Playtech Spin A Win arcade game. It is called Last Digit Of. Players can bet on a set of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3 or 4. On the wheel there are three numbers that end with each of these digits. For example a bet with the last digit 1 will cover the numbers 1, 11 and 21. Each of these bets has a payout of 7.8. Another interesting bet is higher or lower. It is similar to the bets in some Hi Lo based arcade games and has no equivalent in online roulette. This bet gets activated from the second spin. The payouts depend on the last number called. If the last number called is 1, 2, 23 or 24 then the higher and lower bets get deactivated for the next spin.

The minimum betting unit in Playtech Spin A Win is $0.10. Larger amounts can be staked in multiples of $0.10. At each spin players can place different types of bets and each will be evaluated individually. The total amount wagered is displayed at the bottom of the screen. All the numbers covered by the different bets are highlighted on the wheel. Spin A Win can be played at Playtech online casinos like Bet365 and Paddy Power.

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