Playtech Pinball Roulette

Published on: November 24, 2011 

Casino games are based on the generation of random outcomes. The most common way of doing this is using shuffled decks of cards. This is used in blackjack, baccarat and a host of casino poker games. Roulette uses a wheel to generate random outcomes and craps uses a pair of dice. The leading online casino software developer Playtech has used the pinball mechanism to generate random outcomes in one of its games. It has attached that mechanism to roulette betting to create the innovative game of Pinball Roulette.

The roulette layout used for placing bets is identical to the one used in online roulette games. Even the bets offered are the same from the single number bets to the even money bets and are wagered by placing the chips in the appropriate positions on the layout. Neighbor bets that not offered in all online roulette games are available in Pinball Roulette. At the beginning of the game the roulette layout spans the screen to facilitate the placing of the wagers. Once the bets are confirmed it becomes smaller and occupies a small space on the right side of the screen. A pinball machine is the displayed in the main area.

As in normal pinball games the ball is released using a plunger. It enters the main pinball area that is studded with passive bumpers, which merely deflect the ball as it falls downwards. Also there are active bumpers that push the ball away. These movements generate the randomness required to create unpredictability in the number called. From the main pinball area the ball falls into a pocket that has one of the numbers on the roulette layout. The row of pockets moves along the bottom of the pinball in order to further ensure the unpredictability. The number of the pocket in which the ball falls is the number called in the Playtech Pinball Roulette game and all bets are settled using this number.

Pinball Roulette actually falls in the category of Arcade Games at Playtech online casinos. It therefore has some more innovative features. Whenever the player wins he can play an optional gamble game. Alternatively the player can collect his winnings and move on to the next bet. The gamble game is played on a different pinball machine. The bumpers in this machine are marked with multipliers. If the ball hits a bumper the player’s stake is enhanced by the multiplier. The maximum multiplier is 5. However if the player gets a bonus ball the multiplier is doubled. Hence in the gamble game the player can multiply his stake by up to 10 times if he is successful. If not he will lose the payout won in the main game.

Playtech Pinball Roulette has a Turbo Bet button. This does away with the ball falling through the pinball machine and directly displays the number called. It increases the speed of play considerably but takes away from the enjoyment. Playtech Pinball Roulette also has an Auto Bet feature. This feature allows players to play 1, 2, 5 or 10 consecutive games with the same bets. Pinball Roulette is on offer only at the Flash or Instant Play Playtech online casinos. It is not available in the Playtech download casinos.

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