Playtech Online Casino Running Baccarat

Published on: September 29, 2010 

Online baccarat is often accused of being too simple a game and not without reason. The bettor has to wager either on the Player position or the Banker position. Then the software automatically plays out the hand between the Player and the Banker with the bettor being a mere spectator. If the bettor has guessed right then he is paid out. But there is a variant of baccarat that is more interactive and more complex than any casino game. This is In Running Baccarat. The only problem is that it is not yet a part of the online game portfolio but offered as a live dealer game and that too in very few live dealer casinos.

In Running Baccarat begins with the bettor placing a wager on the Player or the Banker Position. Then the first card is dealt to the Player Position. The odds and the handicap values generated by a computer program are displayed to the bettor. Separate odds and handicaps are displayed for the Player and the Banker positions. These depend on the strength of the card dealt and the extent to which it increases or decreases that positions chances of winning. Based on these the bettor may place a wager on the Player or Banker position, independent of the earlier wager, which continues to stand. Then the first card is dealt to the Banker position and the process is repeated. After each card dealt the bettor has the option of placing an independent wager based on the latest odds and handicaps.

Before playing In Running Baccarat bettors will have to understand the system of handicaps and odds. They need not know how these numbers are generated but only what they imply. If a card dealt weakens the Player’s position then the Player will be given a positive handicap and the Banker will be given a negative handicap. The handicap value is added or subtracted to the actual hand value before the comparison is made to decide which position wins. The odds and handicaps mat be given as 0.9(+1.5)(+1.0) for the Player position. Based on this the bettor may wager $4 on the Player position. Suppose the Player’s final hand value is 5 and the Banker’s final hand value is 6 then the payouts are calculated as follows.

The bet is first split into two equal parts, which in this case is $2 each. For the first part 1.5 is added to the Player’s hand value making it 6.5. Since this is greater than the Banker’s hand value of 6, the Player wins. Therefore the bettor gets paid even money on this but his winnings are factored by the odds of 0.9. Hence the bettor will get his $2 wager back with a winning of $1.8. For the second part 1.0 is added to the Player’s hand value making it 6.0. Since this is equal to the Banker’s hand value of 6, the result is a tie. Therefore the bettor will get his $2 wager back. Therefore in totality the bettor will receive back $5.8 against his wagered amount of $4.

In In Running Baccarat the bettor is not compelled to wager at each and every stage. He can wager when he wants and he can pass when he wants. It all depends on his perception of the correctness of the odds and handicaps and also his bankroll. In Running Baccarat is offered in Playtech live dealer casinos like Casino Tropez.

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