Playing Well With Multiple Wilds in Deuces Wild Video Poker

Published on: March 12, 2014 

When players start out in video poker, there are two main games they usually learn to play. Those two games are Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. With Deuces Wild, the strategies to learn are often more complicated because you have to break things up based on how many wilds you're given. Along these lines, most people who get into Deuces Wild focus primarily on how to play with zero or one wild card because those are the most popular scenarios by far. However, if you want to have success in this game, you have to learn how to play scenarios with multiple wilds as well.

Playing with four deuces is pretty easy because it doesn't really matter what you do since you get the same payout. With three deuces, you have to remember that the worst hand you can possibly have is four of a kind. Along those lines, you're going to be extremely aggressive with the drawing. If you don't have a royal flush with your first five cards, then discard your two non-wild cards no matter what they are. Even if you have a straight flush, you should discard them and go for the royal.

When you have two deuces, you aren't given an automatic four of a kind, but you do have a particularly strong hand no matter what. If you have a pat hand that's worth at least four a kind, then you should keep it. Four to a royal is then the next best hand you can have. If you don't have four of a kind or better or four to a royal, then you should only keep your two deuces unless you have a specific type of straight flush draw. This draw requires both of your non-wild cards to be connected and to be a 7-6 combination or higher.

These recommendations aren't as difficult to remember as some other strategies for different scenarios in Deuces Wild, but they don't come up quite as often. With that having been said, making mistakes with these hands will cost you a lot of value, so you really need to focus on them. Overall, even though you don't see these hands come up that often, you need to be able to play them well to avoid losing out on value. This makes studying Deuces Wild situations with two or more wilds a worthwhile investment.

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