Playing Let It Ride Online

Published on: February 21, 2017 

Online gambling is a popular pastime for players from locations globally, and with hundreds of sites offering top notch games, players will find many game titles and variations that can be enjoyed for free as well as for real money. One game that has become quite popular is Let It Ride. This is a variation of poker and is a game that can offer some amazing payouts and great casino action. This card game can be found at many sites that make use of top notch software and it is an easy game to learn to master.

The rules of this game are pretty simple. Players will place three equal bets om the table and will be dealt three cards. After viewing these cards, players can choose to keep their bet in place or pull it back. The dealer will reveal a community card that will be used to create the best possible five card poker hand. After this is done, players will decide whether to let their next bet ride or to remove that from the table. The final card is then revealed. The last net will always remain on the table and payouts will be offered based on what hand has been created.

Payouts for this game start with a pair of 10s, which will offer an even money payout. The top reward is 100x for getting a Royal Flush. Let It Ride comes with a house edge of 2.85%. With Let It Ride, there is also a side bet that can be placed, which will be a progressive bet. This can add winnings to the bankroll and the payouts are as follows: • Flush - $75 • Full House - $100 • 4 of a Kind - $500 • Straight Flush 10% of progressive • Royal Flush – 100% of progressive The side bet can offer some handsome rewards, but with the high house edge of the game, these bets are usually avoided by experienced players.

Let It Ride is an easy game to play and can offer hours of poker entertainment. The game is a great way to boost bankrolls, especially when players start off with a winning three card hand. In this case, they can win on all three bets that have been placed, resulting in some great returns.

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