Playing Craps in Land Casinos

Published on: April 18, 2012 

This article is especially meant for craps players at online casinos, who at some time would like to play the game in the swanky land casinos of Vegas or other gambling hot spots. Though the bets and rules of the game are the same, land casino craps is a completely different experience. In fact if one is not prepared for it, the experience can be quite intimidating.

Online casino craps is a single player game and hence only a part of the table is displayed on the screen. The craps table in land casinos is a grand affair. There are three distinct sections to the table. The two end sections are the same and have the pass, come and field bets. The middle section contains the proposition bets. This layout makes it convenient for players located anywhere at the table to have access to all the betting locations.

In online casino the software calculates the payouts and settles the bets. In land casinos there are a number of employees at the craps table. The stickman mans the central part of the craps table and he handles the dice. He uses a flexible hooked stick to retrieve the dice and return them to the shooter after each roll. His other functions include announcing the numbers and placing the proposition bets for players who are seated at the extreme positions.

The boxman sits directly across the stickman. He is the boss of the craps table. He handles the casinos bankroll and makes sure that the payouts are correctly given by the dealers. Any disputes that may arise are referred to him and settled by him. The craps table has two dealers who stand on either side of the boxman. They handle the chips. After the roll they pick up the chips of the losing bets and deposit them in front of the boxman. They also take the casino chips and pay out the winners. When a point is established the dealers place the puck at the appropriate locations on the craps table to indicate the point. Usually players give the chips to the dealers to wager the place bets and free odds bets.

In land casinos there will be many craps tables in a section called the pit. Apart from the four employees associated with each table there are addition casino employees in the pit. The floor men handle the chip procurement, especially for the regular and VIP players. They also report anything unusual to the pit boss. The pit boss generally issues instructions to the other employees and will not interact with the players unless the matter is very serious.

The big excitement factor in land casinos is that players get to roll the dice across the table in turn. This makes them feel more a part of the proceedings than seeing the dice move across the computer screen in an animation. The player to the left of the boxman becomes the first shooter. He is offered a cache of dice by the stickman from which he chooses two. The shooter has to bounce the dice off the far wall of the table in order to ensure randomness. At the same time the dice must not fall off the table onto the floor. After the first shooter’s turn is over, the dice move clockwise around the table.

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