Online or Live Blackjack?

Published on: December 29, 2015 

Blackjack is a classic game that is found in all casino settings and when playing online, players have some great choices. They are able to play the standard blackjack games that are featured at the online casino or they can play the live dealer versions. Both of these can offer amazing chances at winning real money payouts and they each have their own advantages and drawbacks. Since online blackjack is the most popular, we will examine why this form of the game has been a top choice for thousands of players worldwide.

When playing blackjack online, the house advantage is better than playing at a land based casino. The competition is fierce online since players will come in contact with many more individuals, all of different skill levels. However, players will be able to select tables that have certain skill levels, so beginners can play with other beginners while experienced players can enjoy the competition with others of the same level. One of the main advantages to playing online blackjack is the offering of different game variations, at land casinos, players will usually have just a few options, but with online casinos, there are often as many as 10 or more variations of the game that are featured. All games are controlled by a random number generator, which provides fair games and random results for every deal. While there are significant advantages, some players nay not like the online blackjack experience because it lacks a social element.

Those that are looking for a game that has social interactions and still offers the convenience of playing at home will appreciate online casinos that feature live dealer games. With live dealer blackjack, there are 7 players at the table and since the game is simulcast from a land location, every aspect of the game is seen live. Players will see all cards deals, every player decision and all outcomes. These games are also played in real time, so they offer the most realistic gaming experience possible. With the chance to chat with other players as well as the dealer, live blackjack games have become the prefer choice for experienced players who are looking to enjoy a life like gambling session from the comfort of home.

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