Online Casino System Requirements

Published on: December 30, 2011 

While wagering at online casinos players have to provide two important components. One of them is the computer and the other is the Internet connection. If either of these is not suitable then there would be problems with conducting the wagering no matter how good the online casino software is. The exact specifications of these components depend on the nature of the software. Therefore different software providers specify different values for the parameters that define the specifications. However, the parameters themselves are largely the same across all software providers.

This article discusses the various parameters and how they affect the system performance. All download software programs are compatible only with Windows. Therefore it is essential that Windows be the operating system on the computer. Players with Mac and Linux will not be able to wager on the download software but will have to use the instant play software. Most software providers list Windows 95 as the minimum requirement. However a later version is preferred.

Coming to the hardware on the computer, the processor speed is important. If the speed is low then the graphics on the screen will appear with delay and in a manner that is not smooth. The minimum processor speeds specified by various software providers vary between 200 MHz and 800 MHz. Software providers like Microgaming that have rich audio visual content and animations require higher speeds. The next parameter is the system memory. Normally RAM and Hard Drive memories are separately specified. Ultimately all the games that are in the download software are stored on the Hard Drive of the player’s computer. Therefore software providers, like Microgaming, that have more games on offer specify larger Hard Drive memories. RAM is used to play individual games and is of lower capacity than the Hard Drive memory. Software providers whose games have higher graphical content have larger game files and require larger RAM. Also a broad band Internet connection with minimum speed of 56 Kbps is usually specified. Dial up connections do not work well for online casinos. The problems with low Internet connection speeds are the same as those with low processor speeds. The major additional problem is frequent disconnections that require players to log in again and again.

Some software providers specify minimum specifications and also recommended specifications. If a player already has a computer system then it must meet the minimum requirements otherwise he will face frequent problems. If a player is buying a new computer system then he must go for at least the recommended specifications. The complexity of online casino games is increasing rapidly and the minimum specifications get outdated soon. In fact regular online casino players advise that if a player is buying a new computer system then he must buy the best available in the market.

Different online casinos specify the system specifications at different places on their web sites and hence players may have to navigate a bit before locating them. The FAQ section is a good place to begin. If the questions are grouped in categories then the system specifications would probably be under the technical questions. The sections on Getting Started or Download are other locations where the system specifications may be found.

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