Online Casino Player Verification

Published on: December 15, 2011 

When a new player joins an online casino he has to undergo a verification process. This process seeks to establish the player’s age, identity and address. Normally the online casino would ask for copies of documents certifying the above details and treat those as sufficient evidence. With the increasing numbers of online casino players more and more online casinos are assigning the verification process to specialist independent agencies. This article describes how two of the more popular verification agencies function. has devised a mechanism that makes the verification process more convenient for both players and online casinos. It has developed a secure system that allows players to log in and upload the documents giving proof of age, identity and address. The players are given a unique access code. Later when players register at an online casino they submit only the access code and do not submit any documents. The online casino accesses the database using the given access code and views the players’ documents.

The advantage to the player is that he sends his documents only once because he sends it to a central agency. The documents are stored on the server of that agency only and not on the server of each and every online casino. This considerably reduces the chances of a hacking and misuse of the documents. An online casino can view the documents only when the player gives them the access code. allows player to know which online casinos have viewed their documents and when. Once an online casino views a player’s documents and either accepts or rejects them, the player can prevent the online casino from accessing his documents again. also provides advantages to online casinos. They do not need to collate and store the documents containing the personal details of the players. This leads to direct and indirect saving of time and cost and allows online casinos to focus on providing gaming services. In case the online casino requires any further information from the player, it can use the facility provided by for this purpose.

Aristotle International is an agency that focuses on age verification. It goes beyond the convenience in data handling, and actually verifies whether the age indicated by the player is correct or not. This service has gone a long way in reducing underage gambling. The age verification is done using the Integrity suite of solutions developed by Aristotle International. Integrity uses government issued IDs, of which it maintains a comprehensive database. The database called COSMOS also includes information from other credible data sources. The database includes information on over 50 million citizens of 157 countries. The service provided by Integrity is compatible with several platforms such as online, interactive voice response, wireless and other mobile devices. Therefore both online casinos and mobile casinos can use this facility. Apart from age verification, online casinos can use Integrity for prevention of fraudulent activity like money laundering and control of problem gambling. This is because Integrity offers a wide range of solutions each tailor made for a specific kind of need. Like, Integrity protects the information about consumers accessed in the identification process from being spread or misused. Actually the use of Integrity goes beyond online casinos. Other categories of web sites providing adult entertainment use it as well. Even governments and Fortune 1000 companies find it useful.

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