Online Casino Bonuses Need Not Be Availed

Published on: January 6, 2010 

All online casinos offer bonuses of various types. Online wagering has become inconceivable without bonuses. Most players, especially new ones, think that just because a bonus is offered it should be availed of. The fact of the matter is that bonuses are an option given to the player, an option that can be refused. There are circumstances in which it is prudent to refuse the option.

The reason that one should consider not accepting a given bonus is because of the attached wagering requirements. Online casinos require that the bonus and the associated deposit be wagered a number of times before the player can make a withdrawal. In most cases the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn even after completing the wagering requirements. Only the winnings from the bonus can be withdrawn. In many cases the player cannot even withdraw the deposit unless the wagering requirements have been completed. Therefore for new players a deposit bonus can be much ado about nothing.

The welcome bonus has to be claimed by the player before he starts wagering. Once the player wagers without claiming the welcome bonus it is no longer available. Players who are new to online gaming are often in a quandary whether to claim the welcome bonus or not. If one considers the issue with a cool head it makes a lot of sense for players new to online gaming not to claim the welcome bonus. There are hundreds of online casinos and the numbers keep growing. Once the player has reached a level of confidence in navigating online gambling he can always join in another casino and claim the welcome bonus there. Hence nothing is really lost to new players by not claiming welcome bonuses initially.

Bonuses other than welcome bonuses put less strain on the player. They are usually of smaller amounts and therefore the absolute wagering requirements are lower. Examples of these bonuses are reload bonuses. There are some bonuses that are not associated with deposits. They may be cashback bonuses that reimburse percentage of the player's losses or bonuses offered as prizes in promotions. Because there is no corresponding deposit the absolute wagering requirements are even lower. Players can avail of these bonuses and get familiar with the mechanism of meeting wagering requirements and penalties associated for withdrawing funds before meeting wagering requirements. Once they are familiar with these they can sign up at other online casinos and then avail of welcome bonuses if they so desire.

There are some bonuses that should never be availed. One such bonus is the bonus issued for carrying out reverse withdrawals. Reverse withdrawals are cancellation of requests to withdraw the winnings from online casino accounts. Some online casinos offer bonuses to players for making reverse withdrawal requests. If players cancel withdrawal requests the amount is retained by the online casino and the player uses it for a wagering. This is beneficial to the online casino but is against the interests of the player. Good wagering practice entails that players withdraw their winnings from time to time. Hence reversal withdrawals should never be affected even if players are given a bonus to carry it out.

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