A Look Into Online Casino Affiliate Programs

Published on: April 16, 2009 

Casino affiliates programs have been recognized as the driving force behind the growth in the online casino industry. The mechanism is simple in construction. Each online casino or casino group is attached to an affiliate. That affiliate is an umbrella organization for several individuals or organizations, each of which promotes the online casino at its individual website. They may place the banners of the casino at their web site or simply links. These web sites usually provide content about the online casino industry, but not necessarily so. Traffic moves from these web sites to the online casino via the links provided. If any person using these links makes a financial commitment at the casino then a fee accrues to the web site owner. The affiliate monitors the traffic and collects the payments due from the casino and passes it on to its individual subscribers.

There is tremendous growth in the online casino and gambling market all over the world and in particular in the US. Online casino affiliates are looking to increase the numbers of their subscribers so that they can widen their reach. It is not possible for everyone to set up an online casino affiliate because these are resource intensive, have long gestation periods and require a large number of subscribers. But it is possible for any one to become a subscriber. Any person with a presence on the Internet can join an affiliate. He has to have the business acumen and market savvy to promote his web site. If it links in some way with casinos then all the better. The affiliate will provide the marketing wherewithal in the form of averts or banners or links. These will be placed on the individual’s web site.

There are several affiliate programs operating in the US space and interested individuals can check them out and join one of them. Some of the more reputed ones are C-Planet, Best Casino Partner and Casino Coins. C-Planet is known for its attractive and innovative affiliate panels that provide detailed statistics, powerful tracking programs and effective marketing tools. The partner casinos are brands of the Rushmore Group and include Rushmore Casino, Cherry Red Casino and Slots Oasis Casino. Best Casino Partner offers a multi tier program that allows affiliates to have affiliates and thus spreads the net even wider. Its partner casinos are the brands of the Golden Casino Group and include Golden Casino, Online Vegas and Go Casino. Casino Coins is one of the oldest affiliate programs, being in business since 1999. It supports one of the largest online casino groups, the English Harbor Group. Its brands include English Harbour Casino, Millionaire Casino, SuperSlots Casino, VIP Slots Casino, Silver Dollar Casino and Caribbean gold Casino.

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