New Playtech Table Game

Published on: May 2, 2017 

Playtech is always working to develop exciting games that will entertain players and offer great ways to win and one of the latest games to be added to the portfolio is 3 Card Brag. This game is quite similar to Three Card Poker, but there are some small differences that give it a bit of an edge over the standard poker game found at many sites. With 3 Card Brag, players will play with a standard deck of cards and no jokers are used. After an Ante bet is placed, three cards will be dealt face up and three face down to the dealer. Plyers will the choose to fold or play. Folding will cost the Ante bet and playing will require an additional bet to be placed, called the Play bet. The dealer cards will then be revealed and will have to have Queen high to qualify. Hands that do not qualify offer even money payouts on Ante bets and a push on Play bets.

The hand rankings are just like they are with three card poker and the best hand is a three of a kind, which is called a prial. The top hand in this game is three 3, followed by three Aces, three Kings and down the line. These hands are paid out at 5:1. There is also a Pair Plus side bet that can be placed in the game and this is independent of any game result. The payouts for this side bet range from 1:1 for a pair to 40:1 for a prial.

This game can be enjoyed in a free version before players start to place real money bets. When they do choose to play for cash, they will enjoy the various betting options that are supported. The game can be played for a small wager of just $0.05 per hand and this can be increased to as much as $500 per hand, meeting the needs of any gambler regardless of their casino budget. This exciting card game is easy to play and offers some great chances to win. The game differs from three card poker in terms of the pay table and betting options, so players should be sure to review the table before choosing to play so they know what hands will offer the best possible payouts.

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