MySlot: An Innovative Online Casino Video Slot By Microgaming

Published on: December 23, 2008 

One of the greatest advantages of online slots is the theme that sets the mood of the game and makes it attractive to play on a particular occasion. For example Santa Paws is a Christmas time slot game and Secret Admirer great for the Valentine’s Day. Global Traveler is the slot if you are in the mood to travel and Opulence if you are in the mood to splurge. However MySlot is a slot game for all occasions because the player creates the theme and the mood of the game.

MySlot is in fact a template provided by Microgaming on which the player can superimpose a theme and mood of his choice. The template has a 5 reel, 9 payline and 45 coin format and also allows for wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers and a free spin bonus game. The customization is done as follows. The slot game is first downloaded in the default version. Each symbol in the default version can be replaced by symbol stored in the hard disc of the player’s computer using the edit tool. The image that the player puts on the wild symbol will become the new wild symbol and the same with the scatter symbol. The superimposed images also appear on the payout table. MySlot provides a color palette and the player can change the background color using this tool. The final element in customization is the sound track. The music or other sounds can be added either from an iPod or from the player’s computer. Using a combination of these three elements the player can create a complete themed slot game. If the player has been on a holiday he can load images of the places he has been to. The wild and scatter symbols can be the places where he had the most fun. If it was a seaside holiday then the predominant color can be blue. The soundtrack can be that of an airplane taking off or of Cliff Richard’s famous hit song Summer Holiday.

The player can set up many online slot games by customizing MySlot several times and saving it under different names. If the player is wine connoisseur then he can upload the images of his favorite reds and whites and play the game after having a few glasses. Or if he is a Kate Winslet fan then he can upload his favorite scenes from her movies and the theme music from Titanic and play the game after watching his favorite Kate Winslet movie.

Generally land casino based slots are believed to have an advantage over online slots. MySlot has provided a feature to online slots that cannot be replicated in land casinos because in land casinos no player has absolute control over any machine and land casinos cannot provide for editing games and storing customized games. Therefore Microgaming, the originator of MySlot, has given the online gaming industry something to cheer about.

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