Multi Player Online Casino Games

Published on: September 2, 2011 

The term “multi player” is used to describe certain online casino games. The problem is that this term is used in two different meanings and this can confuse novice players. Hence it is essential to understand the difference in the two usages.

In the first sense, the online casino game is actually a multiplayer game as in brick and mortar casinos. Many players can play the game at the same table. Therefore live dealer games offered at some online casinos are multiplayer games. These games are not based on random number generators (RNG). Live action from real casinos is video streamed to the player’s computer over the Internet. When players log in to live dealer casinos they can select the table they want to. Other players could also be wagering at the table. Unlike as in RNG based games where the player can set his pace, in live dealer games the pace is set by the dealer. The common live dealer games are roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Some live dealer casinos also offer craps and Texas Hold’em.

The leading online gaming software provider Microgaming offers a genre of slot games referred to as Multi Player Slots. Here too “multi player” is used in the sense of many players wagering on the same slot game. Players are grouped into virtual rooms based on the bet amount selected. Each player can see only his slot machine but can chat with other players in the room. Initially each player plays independently and earns points or multipliers depending on the exact game. The slot becomes a multi player game when the bonus round is triggered. A number of players share the spoils earned in the bonus round based on a preset formula. Currently Microgaming offers three multi player slots, which are Wheel of Fortune, No Worries and Isis.

In the second sense, “multi player” only visually simulates a number of players wagering on the same game. Actually it is the same player wagering from multiple seats on the game table. In this sense multi player games are offered by most online casino software providers. As can be expected these are usually card games like blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker and other casino poker variants. The player places the ante or starting wager on as many places at the table as he wants to. Usually these are limited to five. The player’s cards are dealt in all the places where the bets are placed and the player plays out each hand in turn. The dealer’s hand, which is common for all the players’ hands, is then played out and the payout for each player hand is ascertained independently. Multi player card games are visually pleasing and give an illusion of wagering in a real casino with a number of bets and hands laid out on the table. But this is only an illusion.

This concept of multi player has been incorporated in other genres of online casino games as well. Software providers offer video poker games in which players can wager on up to 100 hands simultaneously. Microgaming mega spin slots have a number of sets of reels running independently. There are even multi wheel online roulette games. The main advantage of the second type of multi player games is that they proceed much faster and hence are suitable for online casino players who have limited wagering time.

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