Microgaming Online Video Slots Series

Published on: December 8, 2012 

The leading software provider Microgaming has released over 250 video slots at its online casinos. Some of the slots games are identically structured and have a common overall theme. These video slots are grouped in series. Such series allow for greater brand equity of not only individual slot games but of the Microgaming portfolio overall. Players eagerly wait for new releases in some of the active series.

One of the most popular Microgaming online slots series is Sneak A Peek with three titles. Doctor Doctor features sexy medics. Hunky Heroes features macho men from various professions. In Planet Exotica Microgaming has selected strippers in a galactic night club. The slot games of this series are popular in part because of the risqué bonus game on the second screen. One of the characters from the game is displayed on the screen. Players have to locate matching pieces of apparel worn by the character in a grid. One the match is found the corresponding garment come off from the character.

With its Rhyming Reels series, Microgaming has gone somewhat to the other end because these slots games are based on popular nursery rhymes. The Queen of Hearts features the queen who made the tarts and the knave who stole them. The king is represented by a crown for some reason. The queen is quite different from the nursery rhyme character. She has sex appeal and shows some leg. The glamour is completed by a couple of provocatively dressed waitresses carrying trays of tarts. In Old King Cole, King Cole too has been given a makeover. He does not call for his pipe but smokes a hookah and his three fiddlers have been replaced by young and groovy female guitarists.

In the Untamed series Microgaming seeks to draw attention to endangered species in their natural habitat. The three titles are Bengal Tiger set in the forests of India, Giant Panda in the bamboo forests of China and Wolf Pack in the North American hinterland. Apart from some breathtaking natural graphics and animations, the Untamed series has introduced innovative features. In the Collect a Wild feature each wild symbol activates an icon below the reel. When four icons get activated, then that reel turns wild for the next four spins. The Untamed series introduced a new Microgaming gamble game titled Your Gamble. This game allows players to collect half the payout and wager half. In this feature the player can set the target up to 20 times the bet amount depending on his risk taking propensity. Each Untamed slot game has a special feature in the free spins.

All Microgaming series have not been as popular as these three. The Retro Reels series aimed at using the classical slots symbols like fruits, sevens and bars in a video slot format. In this series Microgaming has introduced an innovative and interactive feature called Respin. After a spin players can re-spin any one reel at the extra cost displayed. There are three titles in this series. Another Microgaming online slots series is Power Spins with titles Sonic 7s, Atomic 8s and Nuclear 9s. These have some science motifs along with classic slots symbols. The unique feature in these slots is that for an extra bet they offer an additional paying opportunity.

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