Microgaming Multi Player Online Slots

Published on: January 11, 2012 

In the evolution of online casino games at one stage multi hand games were introduced. An individual player could place bets on a number of hands up front before activating the game. Multi hand video poker is the most common example of this. However, most online casino software developers offer multi hand games in blackjack and casino poker as well. Next in the evolution, multi player games were introduced. Just as in land casinos many players sit at the same table, in online casinos players could joins a table and wager with other players. Multi player games have been mostly restricted to blackjack and casino poker games.

Then Microgaming brought this concept into online slots with the release of Multi Player Wheel of Wealth. Each room can accommodate up to six players. The game consists of a main game and a bonus game. In the main game the players wager independently. The multi player concept enables them to see the spins of the other players and chat with them. Every time players hit two or more scatter symbols on their own screens their multiplier value is enhanced. The bonus round is triggered randomly. Each player picks a spot on the wheel, which is then spun. The payout displayed on the wheel against each player is multiplied by that player’s accumulated multiplier.

The next Microgaming multi player online slot game was No Worries, which had an Australian theme. In this game Microgaming introduced the concept of choosing rooms according to stake amount. The broad structure is similar, but each room can accommodate up to 30 players. In this game the players cannot see the screens of other players but are updated of their progress through a common leader board. Players earn points when three or more Point Indicators appear on an enabled pay line. The total of the points earned is transferred to the leader board. The player is ranked on the leader board according to points earned. The bonus round, known as Aussie Windmill Pump, is triggered randomly. An 18-segment wheel with five different Australian animals is displayed. Each animal indicates a percentage of the jackpot amount ranging from 10% to 100%. The wheel is spun and if it comes to rest on the room’s animals, then the top ten players on the leader board share the jackpot according to their position.

Then Microgaming launched the popular online slot game Isis in a multi player format. Like the Wheel of Wealth, Multi Player Isis is played in room with up to six players in the room and each player can view the screens of the other players. Each time a player gets two or more scatters on the reels a Free Spins multiplier is awarded to him. A departure in Multiplayer Isis is that the bonus game is not triggered randomly. The scatter Isis bird symbol has to appear on reels 1 and 5 at the same time on any player’s screen. 12 common free spins are awarded to all players. The payouts for each player are multiplied by his individual accumulated multiplier.

All these multi player online slots can be played at Microgaming online casinos like Platinum Play, All Slots, Roxy Palace and River Belle.

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