Microgaming Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack

Published on: April 26, 2012 

Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack is a variant available exclusively at Microgaming online casinos. It belongs to the Microgaming Gold Series table games. It accordingly displays an elegant table setting that makes the online wagering experience more pleasurable. It is a single hand game. This is preferable because the Hi Lo side bets in multi hand formats would clutter up the table.

The base game in this Microgaming blackjack variant is played according to European Blackjack rules. The defining feature is that only one card is dealt to the dealer before the player makes his moves and it is dealt face up. Therefore it is not possible for the dealer to peek for blackjack up front. This gives a slight advantage to the house, which is neutralized by playing with only two decks.

The other rules of the base game are as follows. The dealer must stand on all 17. The player can double down only on two-card hand values of 9, 10 or 11. The player can split only once to make two hands. Unlike 10 value cards cannot be split. A split ace and 10 value card counts as 21 and not blackjack. The minimum table limit is 1 credit and the maximum table limit is 200 credits.

There are three optional bets in the Hi Lo part of the blackjack variant. These bets cannot be placed unless the player wagers on the main game. If the player tries to place the Hi Lo bets, a minimum wager of 1 credit will be placed in the main game. The player can, however, wager on the main game without the Hi Lo bets. Players can wager on one, two or all of the optional bets. The minimum limit is 1 credit and the maximum limit is 25 credits for each bet. The Hi Lo bets are decided on the first two cards dealt to the player. The Lo bet wins if the total of the two cards is less than 13. The Hi bet wins if the total of the two cards is more than 13. The ‘13’ bet wins if the total of the two cards is exactly 13. The cards are valued in the same way as in blackjack, except that an ace is compulsorily valued at 1. The Lo and Hi bets pay at even money and the ‘13’ bet pays at 10 to 1.

The default strategy card has been provided by Microgaming for the main European Blackjack game. It is structured in the normal way and tells the player when he should hit, stand, split and double. Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack allows players to put the game on auto play using the strategy card. The players can use the default card or can make changes and save their version. Then after placing the wager they should activate the auto play through the button in the bottom left of the screen. They have to be in the Expert Mode to do this. The auto play box allows players to select the number of deals from the list provided. The maximum is 500. Players can also select the number of seconds between deals. The players can select certain conditions under which the auto play will abort. These are any win, a win exceeding a specified amount, the credits increasing by a specified amount and the credits decreasing by a specified amount.

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