Microgaming Game Recommendations

Published on: April 11, 2012 

Whenever a player exits from a game at any Microgaming online casino, three sets of recommended games are displayed on the screen. Each set contains three games. There is a rationale behind this practice. Online casinos do not want players to exit a game and then hop on to another online casino. Therefore they tempt players with games they feel that the players might enjoy. Online casinos offered by most software providers offer a single selection for the player’s consideration. Microgaming has improved the system and offers three selections.

The first selection of games consists of games that have been rated highly that day. When a player exits from a game the first time he is given the option to rate the game. The Microgaming software tracks the games ratings and presents to the player the games that have been rated highly by the other players. The rating method requires players to give from one star to five stars to the game. One star rating states that the game is not for the player. Two stars imply that the player does not like the game. A three stars rating means that the game is okay. Four stars indicate that the player likes the game. The highest rating of five stars states that the player loves the game. This selection is for players who prefer to wager on games that have been liked by other players.

The second set of recommended games consists of games that the player has not played. This is obtained by tracking the games the player has wagered on and recommending from the games that he has not. With this selection Microgaming is targeting the player who likes new games. A game that he has not played been played by the player is as good as a new game.

The final set of recommendations consists of games the player might like to play. This is not a random selection but based on the games that the player has rated and his profile created through a comprehensive questionnaire. This questionnaire is presented to the player once when he exits a game. Players who have answered the questionnaire are not bothered a second time. The questionnaire consists of two sections, one which records the general interests of the player and the other which records his game preferences.

In the first section the player is asked to tick the activities he enjoys. The selection includes shopping, sport, computers, movies, magazines, traveling and the like. For each activity that the player has ticked, he is asked to narrow down his preferences. If the player has selected movies, then he is asked to tick the genres that he likes. These selections could be used for recommending online slot games matching with the player’s interests.

In the second section the player is first asked to tick the categories of online casino games he enjoys. For each games category the player is asked to tick the sub classifications that he prefers. For online slots the sub classifications are progressive jackpots, classic slots, video slots, multi payline slots and others. For blackjack some of the sub classifications are multi deck games, multi hand games, side bets games and hi lo games. The section also records the player’s online gaming behavior. The questions include the type of payouts he expects, whether the players wagers on multiple games simultaneously and how much time he spends on online gaming.

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