Magic Themed Online Casino Slots Games

Published on: August 17, 2009 

In the last few years there has been a resurgence of magic themed entertainment due to the popularity of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. This resurgence has rubbed off on online slot games as well. All major online gaming software providers offer at least a few slot games with magic as the theme. This article discusses some of the more popular of these slots.

Microgaming’s Magic Spell evokes the atmosphere of Harry Potter’s school Hogwarts. The symbol on the reels include the school emblem, spell books and parchments. The only point of deviation is that the students are all cats. The magical payout is 100,000 coins, which is hit when the Leo symbols appear in an enabled payline with the help of the wild multiplier. There are two bonus games associated with the theme of magic. The first game is triggered when the letters M, A, G, I and C appear on the reels. Players have to select one of the letters, which reveals either a bonus prize or the key to the second game. In the second game players can win up to 75,000 coins.

Cryptologic’s Witches & Warlocks takes players to the world of adults. Here witches and warlocks are engaged in an epic battle with each other. The battle plays out in the bonus round. The player has to choose either the Witch or the Warlock and choose two spells from five using which the chosen contestant will do battle. The Witch and the Warlock hurl spells at each other damaging each other’s life meter in the process. Credits are given based on the damage caused and additional credits if the player’s contestant wins. The graphics, animation and sound effects are fantastic. The Witches & Warlocks online slot game offers two randomly triggered progressive jackpots as well.

All magic is not fun and games. In the Harry Potter series, Voldermort represents the evil side of magic. The Vegas Technology online slot game, Black Magic, exemplifies the same sinister spirit. The symbols on the reels are the witch, the full moon, the skull, the owl, the bat, the spider, the grave stone and the python. These are associated with the evil deeds that are performed by the witch community. The symbols are well crafted and some of them show realistic audio visual animation.

Fantasy Realm is a Cryptologic online slot that takes players into a fantasy world seen in movies like The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Fantasy Realm is in fact a slot game from Cryptologic’s Movie Mayhem series. It depicts a wider range of magical creatures such as the Elf Queen, the Centaur and the Dragon. All these symbols are animated, with the Dragon spewing fire when in a winning combination. The background to the reels is an enchanted scene. Fantasy Realm, subscribes to the Movie Mayhem jackpot.

Oriental Magic evokes a different kind of experience as in the Arabian Nights. One of the most popular Arabian Nights tales is that of Aladdin. Real Time Gaming has released an online slot game based on this theme, called Aladdin’s Wishes. This is a reference to the Jinn of the Magic Lamp who granted Aladdin’s wishes. The magical symbols on the reels are the Jinn, the Magic Lamp and the Magic Carpet. Other symbols are other Oriental artifacts. In the bonus game the player has to select the real Magic Lamp from a number of fakes, which relives an incident from Aladdin’s tale.

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