Let It Ride Online Casino Game

Published on: August 12, 2011 

Let It Ride is a card game based on poker that is offered at most online casinos. Different software providers have structured this game in a different manner, leading to different variations. The game is also referred to as Let ‘Em Ride and Poker Ride at some online casinos. It is generally listed under the Table Games category. There are two basic formats available for Let It Ride. One follows the normal poker format in which the player first makes an ante bet and has the option of raising after the flop and the turn. This is the less interesting format and is not discussed further in the article.

The other format reverses the betting action. The player places three equal wagers up front. He is then dealt the flop face up. After seeing the three cards the player has to make a choice of whether to let the bets ride or to pull out one of the bets. If after the flop the player feels that he is in a hopeless situation he can cut his losses by reducing the staked amount. Then the turn is dealt. The player again has the same decision to make - whether to let the bets ride or to pull out one of the bets. At this point the player will have at least one of his initial bets on the table and at most all three. The river is dealt and the hand is compared with the given payout table. All the bets remaining are paid out according to the payout table.

The payout table is one of the sources of variation in Let It Ride from different software providers. Conservative players are those whose prime objective is to minimize losses even if this means that they forgo the opportunity to win big. These players should look for payout tables that have higher payouts for the more frequently occurring lower ranked hands when compared with payout tables of other software providers. Such payout tables will not offer attractive payouts for the highest ranked infrequently occurring hands.

One of the most conservative Let It Ride payout tables is offered by Rival Gaming. The payout for royal flush is 250, for straight flush is 50, for four of a kind is 25, for full house is 12, for flush is 10, for straight is 8, for three of a kind is 3, for two pairs is 2 and for tens or better is 1. These payouts are per unit wagered.

Many online casino players have an aggressive temperament. They are willing to risk their bankrolls but are looking for those big wins. Such players will not find the Rival Gaming Let It Ride payout table attractive. They want much larger numbers for royal flush and straight flush. The Cryptologic Let It Ride payout table is one of the most volatile. The payout for royal flush is 1,000, for straight flush is 200 and for four of a kind is 50. This is compensated by offering lower payouts for the next band of poker hand rankings. The payout for full house is 11, for flush is 9 and for straight is 5. The payout for the lowest set of hand rankings is the same as the Rival Gaming payout table.

The Cryptologic Let It Ride is made even more volatile by an optional fixed 1 credit side bet. This operates on a different payout table, which is as follows. The payout for royal flush is 30,000, for straight flush is 3,000, for four of a kind is 400, for full house is 200, for flush is 50, for straight is 25 and for three of a kind is 5. Two pairs and tens or better do not pay.

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