Land Casino Blackjack Etiquette

Published on: December 16, 2012 

Playing blackjack at online casinos is somewhat different from playing at land casinos, even though the rules are identical. At online casinos, except in live dealer and multiplayer games, the player can take any amount of time to make his moves. In land casinos the dealer will assume that the player stands if unreasonable time is taken and will move on to the next seat. At online casinos players can consult strategy cards and even put the game on auto play using optimum strategy. At land casinos players have to memorize the optimum strategy for best results. However, the most interesting difference is in the way the land casino player communicates with the dealer. This is known as blackjack etiquette and for the most part consists of hand signals to indicate various options. Players can be ejected from the table at land casinos for not following blackjack etiquette.

In European land casinos players’ cards are dealt face up and the blackjack etiquette consists of different signals from Las Vegas land casinos where players’ cards are dealt face down. Players are not allowed to touch the cards that are dealt. This is to prevent them from marking the cards in some way so that they can be recognized when they are shuffled and placed in the shoe again. When players want to hit then they should point clearly at their cards. When players want to stand they should keep their hand parallel to the table and wave them over their cards. When they want to double they should place the second bet next to the first bet. When they want to split they should place the second bet on one of the cards that form the pair. Players are expressly forbidden from placing the second bet on top of the first one. This is to prevent them from adding more chips to the amount originally wagered.

In online casinos there is no question of tipping the dealer, but in land casinos it is expected, though not mandatory. The practice is that if a player is winning then he tips the dealer. There is special blackjack etiquette for this, which is known as toking. The player places a separate wager for the dealer by placing the chips on the edge of the betting area. If the hand wins the payout goes to the dealer. If the hand loses the tip bet goes to the land casino.

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