Issues with Credit Cards at Online Casinos

Published on: May 18, 2009 

Online casinos use three broad methods of accepting funds from online players. The first method is the traditional method of transferring funds through paper checks and wire transfers. This is extremely slow and is rarely if ever used. The second method is the use of credit cards and debit cards. The third method consists of alternative payment methods such as e-wallets. Some of the popular e-wallets are Use My Wallet, QuickTender, NETeller, PaySpark and eWallet Xpress.  The most common method by far is the use of credit cards. However, this method is not without its problems and online players should be aware what these problems are and how to sort them out.

One problem relevant today is the rejection of the funding transaction by the bank that has issued the credit card. This problem is more frequent in the United States, especially since the UIGEA was passed. Because of the uncertainty in the terminology in the UIGEA it is not explicitly clear whether funding online casinos is legal or not. Some banks are playing it safe by rejecting funding of online casinos in case these transactions are later deemed to be illegal. Though this problem affects players in the United States to a greater extent it does exist in other countries as well. The best online casinos have so streamed their financial processing systems that their players face negligible rejection of transfer of funds through credit cards. Some of these online casinos, which accept players from the United States, are Golden Casino and Rushmore Casino. These casinos accept credit cards from Visa, MasterCard and Amex with next to no rejections.

Though credit card rejections do take place this problem has been over hyped. The advise to a new player who does not have an alternative payment account but has credit cards is that he must first try funding the online casino account is using the credit cards. There is no point in assuming the worst. There is a very great likelihood of the credit card working without a hitch and the player must exercise this option first. He should not unnecessarily waste time and effort in opening an alternative payment account. If the player already has an alternative payment account then he can fund the online casino account from that source. In that event there is not much point in giving the credit card details to the online casino and undergoing the verification process thereof.

Players who have not had any problem with their credit card at online casinos should however keep in mind that sooner or later a credit card rejection may arise. Hence they should be mentally prepared to open an alternative payment account at short notice. Therefore they should have a look at the alternative payment options available to them based on where they are located and the currency they are using. They should study the pros and cons of the short listed alternative payment methods and narrow down their choices. Since this exercise can take some time it is best done when there is no urgent need of opening the alternative payment account. In that way the due diligence can be conduct did without any pressure. One of the advantages of alternative payment methods is when online players are wagering at many online casinos. They need to fund only one alternative payment account using their credit card and can then fund the various casino accounts from the alternative payment account. Hence they need not submit their credit card details at each and every online casino.

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