Intro to Mini Roulette

Published on: November 29, 2016 

One of the main advantages to playing at any online casino is the huge array of games that are supported. Online casino sites will often provide players with access to multiple game variations, presenting many more choices than one would find at a land casino. At many sites, players will find different Roulette games. Most players will be familiar with the most common versions, including European and American Roulette, but there are also other versions that can be quite enjoyable and offer decent rewards. One roulette version that can be played for free and for real money online is Mini Roulette.

With Mini Roulette, players will be playing a similar game to a classic roulette selection, but there are fewer numbers in play and not as many betting options. The game is played on a wheel that only contains 13 spaces, with numbers from 1 to 12 and a single zero. Individual number bets will offer a payout of 11:1 and there are many other betting options. A two number split bet will pay 5:1, a three number street bet pays 3:1 and a four number square bet pays 2:1. Players can also enjoy even money bets on black or red and odd or even numbers.

There are some online casinos that will employ the La Partage rule when playing Mini Roulette. With this, players can receive half of their losing bets when the single zero appears on the wheel. This is one of the great benefits for players, but the rule is not used by all casinos or software providers. The best Mini Roulette games will make use of the La Partage rule, so watch for those when choosing a game online.

With Mini Roulette, all of the bets that are placed will offer the same house edge, so there is not too much strategy that is needed when placing. However, it is suggested to avoid the single zero bet when the La Partage rule is in effect. With this rule, the house edge will be around 3.8% and without the rule, the edge can be as high as 7.69%, so it is obviously beneficial to players to find Mini Roulette games with La Partage options.

Aside from that rule, there are no strong benefits to playing Mini Roulette over any other version of the game, but it is a simpler option, which can appeal to new players.

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