InterCasino User Interface

Published on: April 21, 2010 

Recently InterCasino launched a new user interface. This has been in use for a few months now and has drawn considerable appreciation from all quarters. This article highlights some of the features of that interface, which are not generally available at other online casinos.

The most common interaction between player and casino software is locating the online game that the player desires to wager on. In most online casinos players access the games menu after logging in and follow the drop boxes listing the games under the various games categories. Some online casinos offer an additional thumb nail view option for players who are more comfortable searching with graphics. InterCasino offers both these and also offers a search engine, which is the easiest to use. As players key in the letters the list of games on the screen becomes narrower and usually after keying in four or five letters only the desired game is left.

Usually online casinos only provide the names of the games in the games menu. The InterCasino software provides significant details of selected games, which can enable the player to decide whether or not he wants to play the game without downloading or opening it. This information for slot games includes whether there is a progressive jackpot, the top fixed award, number of reels, paylines and coins per line, the coin size range and what game features are there in the slot game. There is another useful feature in the InterCasino interface that is connected with game selection. Lists can be sorted on the basis of a number of parameters such as minimum stake, maximum stake, number of paylines and top award. Suppose the player wants to check out the slot games with the highest top awards, he selects the slot games from the menu and sorts the games by clicking the top award column. Sorting can be done in both ascending and descending order.

Online casinos keep track of when players log on to the casino and which games they play while there. InterCasino also does the same. But it goes one step ahead. It distills that information and produces some of it in a manner that is extremely useful. This information is provided in a box at the bottom left corner of the screen titled “Favorites”. If the “Most Frequent” tab is selected the five games most frequently played by the player are displayed. If the “Most Recent” tab is selected the five games most recently played by the player are displayed. These are dynamic listings. As players wager on the online casino games at InterCasino the most frequently played and the most recently played games may change and these changes are reflected in real time.

There is a third tab in the Favorites box. This is My Favorites. In many online casinos that have a My Favorite section any game played by the player automatically is reflected there. Soon that list grows so large that it becomes meaningless. In the InterCasino interface players can choose which games to put under My Favorites. They can drag selected games into the box to list them under My Favorites and can also delete games from the list. This way they have total control over the list and can ensure that it includes only games that are really their favorites.

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