Innovative Features in WagerWorks Slots

Published on: September 22, 2010 

WagerWorks is one software provider whose inventiveness is difficult to match. Whether the game is roulette or blackjack or slots the key seems to be to offer something new with each new game. This article discusses some of the innovative features found in WagerWorks online slots.

An online slot game called Noah’s Ark was released sometime back. The payout table in that slot game had payouts for up to ten symbols in an active payline. The amazing aspect was that the Noah’s Ark slot had only five reels. The symbols in this slot game consist of animals. Some symbols depict a single animal and some symbols depict that animal in pairs. The symbols that have the animals in pairs are called Split Symbols and count as two for the purposes of payouts. Therefore if the first two symbols in an active payline both show a pair of elephants the slot game will pay out for 4 elephants as per the payout table.

Tumbling Reels is another innovative feature found in a few of the older WagerWorks slots. It is visually most effective in Da Vinci Diamonds. Most of the symbols consist of brightly colored gem stones of different shapes. When these symbols appear in a winning combination they sparkle and disappear. The symbols immediately above the vacant spaces tumble down to take their place. In this manner all vacancies are filled up with fresh symbols. If the new combinations again result in wins the process is repeated. Ultimately the payouts from each step are added together. It is like a limited version of free spins in every spin.

Some WagerWorks slot games have a feature called jackpot accumulators. This brings in a thrill of progressive payouts without linking the slot game to a progressive jackpot network. Monopoly Here and Now has this innovative feature. In this slot the jackpot accumulator has thematic value as well. The jackpot accumulator is in the form of a parking meter. Whenever this symbol appears on the reels the value of the parking meter is enhanced. Hence as the player wagers the amount in the jackpot accumulator keeps on increasing. When the bonus game is triggered the player plays for this accumulated jackpot. If the player succeeds in fulfilling the conditions set in the bonus game the jackpot is his.

Multi strike is an exciting feature presented in Elvis Multi Strike. The 60 paylines of the slot game are spread over three separate games of 20 reels each. The player has to select the number of paylines upfront and pay for wagering on all of them. Say he selects all 60 paylines. He gets to play the first game with 20 paylines. If he does not register a win the game ends and the wagers on the other paylines are lost. But if he does win he plays the next game that has paylines 21 to 40. Any win there results in doubled payouts and progression to the final set where payouts are quadrupled. Elvis Multi Strike is popular with players who like volatility in their slot games.

All these four games and many more can be played at WagerWorks powered Virgin Casino. This online casino is licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gaming Control Commission and is safe and reliable.

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