How to Maximize Your Payout Rate in Casino Hold'em

Published on: January 15, 2014 

Casino Hold'em is a game that allows players to make skill-based decisions to try to maximize their payout rates. It's based on the Texas hold'em form of poker, and it works like this. You post an ante and both the dealer and yourself are dealt two hole cards with a flop of three community cards. At this point, you get to make the decision between calling or folding, and making this decision is what the entire game revolves around. If you fold, then you give up your ante bet and you lose. However, if you call, then you place another bet called the call bet that's twice the size of the ante bet and the rest of the hand is dealt.

If the dealer has worse than a pair of fours, then the call bet will push. If he has more than a pair of fours, then the call bet wins when you win and loses when you lose with a payout rate of 1:1. The ante pays out according to a paytable when you win (or when the dealer doesn't qualify) based on what your final hand is. A royal flush gets 100x, a straight flush gets 20x, four of a kind wins 10x, a full house gets 3x, a flush gets 2x and every other hand is paid out at 1:1.

When it comes to strategy, there are a few things going on. First, the dealer is going to miss qualifying with at least a pair of fours very often, so you're going to basically have a freeroll on those hands because both your call and ante bet will at least push. When the dealer makes at least a pair of fours, then it gets interesting because you will basically have a 50:50 chance at winning. Based on this, you can actually figure out the exact percentage of the time that you're supposed to fold, and that percentage is 18 percent.

The goal here is to fold the worst 18 percent of hands. This is typically going to be when you have unpaired cards that do not have a draw. Flush draws, especially with big cards, are usually going to be worth calling. However, straight draws usually aren't unless you have a pair as well because they pay out worse and do not beat the dealer nearly as often as flush draws will.

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