How to Make the Most of Playtech's Blackjack Surrender

Published on: January 1, 2014 

The Blackjack Surrender game by Playtech is one of their most favorable styles of blackjack available. In fact, you should actually never play their regular blackjack game if the Blackjack Surrender game is available because it's the exact same game with a couple of rule changes, and all of the rule changes result in an improved payout rate for the player. The catch is that if you don't use the surrender option properly, you can wind up with a worse payout rate very quickly. Most players surrender in a lot of incorrect situations, and that really adds to the house advantage in a major way.

There are two main ways that Blackjack Surrender is different from their standard blackjack game. The first is that players have the option to surrender at any point in time in the game. Surrendering gives up half of your bet in exchange for giving up your hand completely. The other change is that the dealer always checks for blackjack when there's an ace or ten showing. Checking for blackjack adds to the player's advantage because you never end up in situations where you double or split and run into a blackjack which eats up your double bet.

The key to making Blackjack Surrender work for you is a combination of solid basic strategy and a lack of abuse of the surrender option. Surrendering is only correct whenever continuing to play normally would result in you losing more than half of your bet on average, and there are only a few key situations where this comes up. If you have a hard 15 or 16 and you're facing a very strong dealer card, you should consider surrendering. If you have a hard 15 against a ten or a hard 16 against a nine, ten or ace, then you should surrender. There are no other times where the surrender option is correct.

Another interesting note about this game is that you can double on any two starting cards, and this means that you'll get an opportunity to make profitable doubles with hard nines. If you have a hard nine against a dealer card that's three through six, then it's better to double than to simply hit. This is a strategic adjustment that a lot of players miss in Blackjack Surrender because they are so focused on knowing when to surrender that they forget about the other rule changes.

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