High Speed Poker Microgaming Table Game

Published on: March 24, 2013 

High Speed Poker is the second of the three card poker games from the software provider Microgaming. The other one is called 3 Card Poker. High Speed Poker is a Gold Series Multi Hand game. This has two advantages. Microgaming Gold Series games offer an elegant table setting that creates an environment of an exclusive live casino. The Multi Hand feature offers five player seats so that the player can wager up to five hands against the same dealer hand.

The Microgaming High Speed Poker game begins with the player placing the Ante bet for up to five hands. The table limits are 1 credit to 200 credits, which make this casino poker variant suitable for both low rollers and high rollers. The player also has the option of placing a Bonus bet. For placing the Bonus bet it is mandatory to have placed the Ante bet. Microgaming 3 Card Poker offers a Pairs Plus bet instead of the Bonus bet and this is the main difference between the two casino poker variants. Three cards are dealt face up to the player for each hand. The Bonus bet is settled first as follows. Three cards of the same color pay 2 to 1. Three cards of the same suit pay 6 to 1. And three of a kind pays 27 to 1. In all other cases the bonus bet loses. The Bonus bet pays out even if the player later folds or loses the hand.

Then the player has to decide whether to fold or play for the first hand. If he folds then he will lose the Ante bet. If he continues with the game then he has to place a Play bet equal to the Ante bet. Once the player has taken a call on the first hand, he will move to the next one till all his hands have been addressed. Only then are the dealer’s cards are turned over and the settlements made based on the comparison between the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand. These are made independently for each hand. The dealer qualifies with a Queen or higher. If the dealer has not qualified the Ante bet pays 1 to 1 and the Play bet pushes. If the dealer has qualified and the player has the higher ranked hand then both bets pay out at 1 to 1. If the dealer has qualified and the hands are tied then both bets push. If the dealer has qualified and the dealer has the higher ranked hand then both bets lose. As in 3 Card Poker, High Speed Poker also offers an Ante bonus as follows. Straight pays 1 to 1. Three of a kind pays 4 to 1. Straight flush pays 7 to 1. Technically the Ante bonus does not pay out if the player folds, but no player will fold if he holds a straight or a higher ranked hand. However, the Ante bonus will pay out if the player loses.

High Speed Poker has all the Microgaming Gold Series table games features. The player can enable or disable the different sound settings. The Auto Bet feature automatically places the bets of the previous game. Expert players can enable the Quick Deal option, which speeds up the card dealing considerably.

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