High Risk Sic Bo Strategy

Published on: October 6, 2015 

Many different types of gamblers will visit online casinos and some will be willing to take more risks when they are betting on games. Those that enjoy high risks are usually those that have higher casino budgets, so this is not for those that are beginners. A high risk strategy is definitely not for those that do not have a large bankroll. In many cases, these types of strategies are used by high rollers and in the game of Sic Bo, there are many high rollers that are attracted to the game. While the game is a game of chance, players often make use of high risk strategies to collect massive payouts when luck is on their side.

When playing Sic Bo, players are allowed to place more than a single bet, which means bets can be placed to cover other bets. Should this go wrong, players will be out multiple bet amounts instead of just one, so this type of betting is considered a higher risk form of wagering. Basically, the player would decide that a single die will roll a specific number, let’s say a 1. They would want to bet on the double one in addition to the small bet. The three dice roller would total 8 at most. If players are right and the dice rolls two ones and any other number, both bets are won. However, if there is just one die that has a one, the double bet is lost. Double bets will pay out more money than the small bet that has been placed, but players can wager the exact same amount on both of these bets.

With the higher risk strategy, players will be placing a cover bet. This means that they will not lose any money. Be aware that the odds will differ for the bets that are placed. Say the player bets on 9 or 12 for a specific result of three dice. They are more likely to win with this bet and the odds are 15:2 with a handsome payout of 7:1.

There is also a medium risk strategy that is often used and this will allow for a small amount of lost bets but players will have to cover their bets properly to enjoy better returns. Unfortunately, there is a great chance of the cover bet being wrong, costing players large amounts.

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