High Paying Progressive Online Casino Jackpot Slots

Published on: January 13, 2010 

If one looks at the amount paid out by a progressive jackpot online slots game over a period of time, say one year, then these games can be classified into two groups. One way of totaling large payments in the year is through large single payouts, even though there may be only a few of them. Another way of totaling large payments in the year is through numerous payouts even though these payouts may not be very large individually.

Both types of progressive jackpot online slots games are available and they cater to different categories of players. Progressive slots that offer large individual payouts attract players who are seeking the life-changing jackpots. These progressive slots games do not attract much traffic soon after they have been hit and are just above their reset value. But as the progressive jackpot amount increases so does the traffic. When the progressive jackpot amount is about the average payout value the traffic on these games suddenly increases manifold because players sense that a hit is round the corner. Once the jackpot is hit the traffic falls down again.

Progressive jackpot slots games that hit frequently attract almost uniform traffic all along. The difference between their reset value and average hit value is not as large as in the other category. Players who go for these progressive games are attracted by the greater chance of hitting the jackpot and are not turned off by the lower values of the hits.

The leading online gaming software providers are aware of these distinct choices of players and therefore offer both types of high payout progressive jackpot slots games in their portfolios. This can be illustrated by referring to some of the popular progressive slots from Playtech. In the last one year the slots game Beach Life has paid out $8.2 million from only 3 hits, the average payout per hit being $2.7 million. In contrast there is another Playtech progressive slots game called Safecracker $5. This game has paid out over $10.2 million but from 174 hits. Safecracker provides a hit every other day, the average heat being only $60,000.

A similar situation exists with Cryptologic progressive slots, though the overall payouts are at a much lower level. Millionaires Club has paid out $2.2 million in the last year with 3 hits. The average hit for this progressive jackpot online slots game was $0.7 million. Cryptologic offers over 15 Marvel Comics superhero slots that are linked to the same progressive jackpot network. This progressive jackpot has paid out $2.6 million in the last year with 280 hits of $9,000 each. One of the reasons for this large number of hits is that over 15 slots games contribute to it.

The Mega Moolah progressive Jackpot slots game from Microgaming stands apart. It has paid out $8.8 million in the last year from only three hits. No other progressive jackpot online slots game from Microgaming is anywhere close to this figure. Major Millions has paid out $3.4 million from 9 hits and Cash Splash has paid out $3.1 million from 113 hits.

The lesson to be learned from this analysis is that players should be very clear as to what their objective is. Do they want to take the rare chance of that life changing hit or do they want to go for the more likely hit of a much lower amount. Once they have decided then they will be better prepared choose a suitable high paying progressive jackpot online slots game.

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