GamCare UK Problem Gambling Service Provider

Published on: April 17, 2013 

Problem gambling is a sickness, much like alcoholism, where the gambler is compelled to keep on wagering despite not being able to afford it, resulting in the financial and social ruin of himself and his family. Treatment of problem gambling is a highly skilled and professional activity. Most nations have created institutions that specialize in providing assistance to problem gamblers. These institutions derive authority and financial support from the government, gambling regulators and even the gambling industry. GamCare is one such institution that operates in the United Kingdom. This article describes how online casino gamblers can interact with GamCare to their benefit.

Online casinos provide facilities for the identification and avoidance of problem gambling. They also provide links to professional problem gambling service providers for players who are unable to manage with the facilities available at the online casinos. Most online casinos licensed in the United Kingdom or catering to British players would direct problem gamblers to GamCare.

GamCare provides information, advice, support and free counseling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling. It is neither for nor against online gambling. It takes for granted that forms of gambling will exist and so will problems associated with it. Therefore GamCare has as its objectives the fostering of the understanding of the social impact of gambling, promotion of a responsible approach to gambling and treating those afflicted by problem gambling. Of these the treatment of problem gamblers is most important because that needs immediate attention. GamCare provides several channels of communication for problem gamblers. There are counseling centers across the United Kingdom where problem gamblers can meet the GamCare experts face to face for curative sessions.

Online casino players needing problem gambling help may not be close enough to the GamCare counseling centers. In many cases problem gamblers shy away from help because they do not want their illness known. In order to cater to these situations GamCare offers remote contact options that can be anonymously used. It has established a helpline over the national telephone network. Through this helpline GamCare’s expert professionals offer confidential advice, information and emotional support to problem gamblers. This telephone support is available from 8 AM to midnight, right through the week.

A similar one to one service is provided by GamCare online through the Internet. This service is called NetLine. GamCare provides another online service that is very useful. This is a moderated chat support room. In this forum problem gamblers can come together to discuss issues, ask questions and compare notes. GamCare advisors regularly monitor the forum to ensure a meaningful discussion but allow sufficient leeway to the participants to speak their minds. These chat rooms operate round the clock. One of the main advantages of the chat room is that it gives players an opportunity to assess GamCare’s services and gain confidence before asking for help.

One of the reasons that GamCare has been successful is that its experts do not adopt a didactic or instructional attitude. They guide the problem gamblers to explore all options available to them and encourage them to find solutions that they will be most comfortable with. In many cases problem gamblers are not willing to seek help. In such cases, GamCare advises family members or friends to seek assistance on how to convince the problem gambler that he needs professional assistance.

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