Full Table Baccarat

Published on: July 27, 2011 

The most popular land casino variant of baccarat is Chemin De Fer. It is slightly more complicated than the others because players take turns in being the bankers and because of some rituals followed while handling the cards. The online version of baccarat is modeled after a land variant called Punto Banco and is a simple straight forward game. Only half the baccarat table is shown on the screen. Cryptologic is a software provider that offers Full Table Baccarat at its online casinos. Though this variant is based on Punto Banco it embodies some of the rituals of baccarat, thus making the game different and more exciting.

In land casino baccarat games the deck is cut before the cards are dealt. This is incorporated in Cryptologic Full Table Baccarat. In a separate box the cards are spread out. A marker moves alongside the cards at high speed. When the player clicks on the ‘Cut’ button, the marker stops moving and the deck is cut at that card. In land casino baccarat players take turns in dealing cards from a shoe. This does not change the odds or the payouts but makes the player feel more involved, like rolling the dice in craps. In single player Full Table Baccarat the player can opt to always be the dealer, never be the dealer or be the dealer on alternate hands. The game displays an icon of the shoe which is placed next to the player when he is the dealer and the cards are dealt from that shoe.

In land casino baccarat a player can pass a hand but retain his seat at the table. This feature is also incorporated in Baccarat Full Table. The player can click on the ‘Pass’ button. He need not place any wager and can sit out for that hand. The cards will be dealt to the Player and the Banker hands and the game will be completed even though no transaction takes place. In land casino baccarat the player who is the dealer for the hand peeks at the Banker’s cards before turning them over. In Baccarat Full Table the player has the choice of doing so if he wants. In case the player decides to peek at the cards, then the cards are displayed on the screen and then laid face up on the table.

Cryptologic Full Table Baccarat can be played in a multiplayer format as well. Since it follows the Punto Banco format, players do not take turns at being the banker, but always play individually against the house. In the multiplayer game when a player opts out from being the dealer the shoe will pass on to the next player, who has then to take a call whether he wants to deal or not. In multiplayer baccarat if a player does not want to bet on a particular hand he need not. Multiplayer Full Table Baccarat can also be played in a private room at Cryptologic online casinos. Here all the players are known to each other and this makes the session more interesting. The player who books the table selects a password and informs it to the others. Only players who enter the correct password would be allowed to get a seat on the table.

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