Even Money Payout Online Blackjack Games

Published on: November 28, 2012 

Blackjack players at land casinos would be familiar with the 3 to 2 payout for natural blackjack. When they encounter online blackjack games with only even money payouts on blackjack, they tend to ignore these games. This is a mistake. These games offer different types of benefits that allow the player to win more frequently. To compensate for these benefits the payout on blackjack is reduced to even money. The average return to the player is not diminished. This article reviews some even money payout online blackjack games.

One of the most popular and exciting online blackjack games of this type is Blackjack Switch from Playtech. Players have to play two hands and wager equal amounts on each. The rules allow players to switch the second cards dealt to each hand if they want to. Normally this option is exercised if the players can convert two weak hands to two strong hands. In some cases the switch is obvious. In other cases the player obviously must not switch. For the tricky hands strategy cards are available that indicate whether players should switch or not. This advantage is not normally offered in regular online blackjack games. Therefore the payout on blackjack has been reduced to even money. Blackjack Switch can be played at Paddy Power, Bet365 and Omni Casino.

Microgaming offers an even money blackjack game titled Double Exposure at its online casinos. Some other software providers have named this online blackjack game Face Up 21. In this game both the cards of the dealer are dealt face up before the players make their moves. Since the players can see both the cards they can adjust their moves to give them a better chance of winning. Sometimes the players know they are in a bad position and will not lose anything if they bust. But if they are dealt a small value card then they can beat the dealer’s hand. Microgaming offers a strategy card with its Double Exposure blackjack game. Therefore players are not required to make complicated deductions or remember cumbersome rules. They can simply refer to the strategy card before each move. Because the added information increases the player’s chances of winning, blackjack pays even money in Double Exposure. This blackjack game can be played at Royal Vegas, Golden Riviera and All Slots.

The WagerWorks even money blackjack game is called Double Attack. After the players place their ante wager the first card is dealt to the dealer and not the player and it is dealt face up. Then before the player’s cards are dealt the players can double the ante wager if they want to. This is called the double attack wager. Certain dealer’s face up cards are inherently weak. If the dealer’s face up card is a two, three, four, five or six, the most likely scenario is that the dealer will draw two cards and bust. Therefore doubling the bet allows players to cash in on this advantage. If the dealer has a strong face up card like a ten value card or an ace, the players can refuse the double attack wager and proceed with the ante wager only. Because of this advantage blackjack pays even money in Double Attack. Double Attack is live at WagerWorks powered online casinos like Virgin Casino.

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