Elimination Blackjack

Published on: February 7, 2017 

Blackjack has always been an attractive game for players at casinos and with et offering of online casinos, players can now enjoy this classic game from home. Many of the top rated casino sites will also host blackjack tournaments, where players can compete against others for their chance to win massive payouts from a prize pool. There are different types of blackjack tournaments that can be found online and one that is appealing to many experienced players is Elimination Blackjack. With Elimination Blackjack, players will enjoy a combination of classic blackjack and No Limit Texas Hold Em. This type of blackjack tournament is always played at the Ultimate Blackjack Tour and since it is also offered online, players can experience one of the most thrilling ways to play blackjack.

When playing elimination blackjack, players will follow standard blackjack rules. The only difference is that players are playing against each other instead of against the dealer. The overall goal is to collect more chips than another opponent to stay in the tournament and have the chance to claim one of the prizes for leaderboard players. Luckily, most elimination blackjack tournaments use the same rules though some casinos may alter rules. So be sure to check these before entering any blackjack event online. Generally, most rounds will consist of 30 hands and each player will start with a set number of chips. Dealers will hit on soft 17 and players can split up to four times. There are six decks used in the games and players can also use the surrender option if they desire. There is an insurance option and players can also elect to double down. Players will only have 25 seconds to make a decision in regular hands and 45 seconds in elimination hands.

With elimination blackjack, players will be eliminated from the tournament when they lose all of their chips. They will also be eliminated if they do not have enough chips to place the minimum bet or by being the player that has the least amount of chips after any elimination hand. To be a winner with elimination blackjack, players will have to be the last player at the table or the lucky one that holds the most chips following the 30 hands of the tournament. This player will go on to receive the largest cash prize for the tourney.

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