Dragon Bonus Baccarat

Published on: February 16, 2017 

Players who appreciate the fast pace and great payouts of Baccarat will be pleased to learn of a game from Microgaming that offers more chances to win. With Dragon Bonus Baccarat, there are more payouts offered and there is a bonus bet that can be placed. The game is played like standard baccarat and in addition to the Player, Banker and Tie bet, the bonus bet is available. This bet will pay out in two ways. The first is when the hand that is bet on is a natural winning hand. The second is when players bet on a hand and it is a non-natural win by more than 4 points.

The bonus bet in this game can lead to some great payouts depending on the point spread. Any non-natural hand that wins by 9 points will get an amazing payout of 30:1. The next highest payout is for an 8 point spread, offering a 10:1 payout. The other payouts range from 1:1 for four points to 6:1 for 7 points. Other payouts in the game are based on the standard pay table.

When playing this version of baccarat there are two rules that are important. The first is that players will not be able to place the bonus bet unless they are playing the main game. The second rule is that the Dragon Bonus Bet must always correspond to the bet that has been placed in the main game. So if players bet the Banker in the main game, they will also have to bet the Banker with the bonus bet.

With the higher payouts offered, the game also comes with a higher house edge. With a standard baccarat game, the Banker bet has an edge of 1.06% and the Player bet has an edge of 1.24%. When playing Dragon Bonus Baccarat, the Player edge is increased to 2.65% and the Banker bet has a huge house edge of 9.37%. Since players have a chance at winning a 30:1 payout, they often overlook this increased house edge and will choose to enjoy the game and the bonus bet option. Overall, this Microgaming game offers players great chances to collect some huge payouts with their bonus bet, making it a unique and preferred form of baccarat online.

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