Downloading and Installing Online Casinos

Published on: July 14, 2011 


Download casino software is more advantageous than the instant play casino software in several respects. The main advantage is that it contains many more games. Also the download software is richer in audio visual features. Therefore it should be the preferred choice unless there are other compelling reasons like scarcity of hard disk space. The downloading and installation process is an extremely simple menu driven process which should not take more than a few minutes on a broadband connection. This process is broadly similar across all software providers. The article describes the steps in a typical downloading and installation process.

Process for downloading and installing typical online casino

The download link is prominently displayed on the home page of all online casinos. It is also displayed on practically each page of the online casino web site. On clicking the download link an option box appears on the screen with the Save File and Cancel buttons. If the player had clicked the download link by mistake he can abort the process by clicking the Cancel button. To proceed with the downloading and installation the player should click the Save File button. Clicking on the Save File button saves the executable file in the hard disk of the player’s computer. Once that it done the player start the installation process whenever he wants. Some software providers give an option of directly installing the software by clicking the Run button in the above mentioned option box. But the recommended process is to first save the executable file and then run it.

In order to run the executable file the player must double click on the saved icon while remaining connected to the Internet. The computer’s operating system offers a security warning giving the details of the program that will be installed. If the software is from a reputed provider complete details will be offered and it will be safe to proceed. If the security warning says “publisher unknown” then there could be a risk in continuing with the process. In that case the installation can be aborted by clicking the Cancel button. Before the installation commences the player will be asked to accept the End User License Agreement. Ideally the player should access the agreement through the link provided, read the agreement, confirm acceptance by marking the check box and only then proceed with the installation. However, players who are familiar with the agreement can click the Install button. This explicitly implies that they have accepted the End User License Agreement terms and conditions.

The download casino software will take a few minutes to download. Most software providers enable players to complete the registration process while the software downloads. Players always have the option of registering later. But it saves time to complete this formality concurrently with the downloading. Some multilingual online casinos may ask players to choose the language of preference. Other multilingual casinos will offer the software in the language of the web site from which the download process was initiated. Multi currency casinos will ask players to choose the currency of wagering. This has to be chosen after due consideration because players cannot change the currency once selected without involving customer support. Players will also be asked to provide their names, addresses, aliases they intend to use and passwords. Real money players will have to provide required details of payment option selected.

Once the downloading is complete the players who have already registered can log in and start wagering. Players who have not registered will have to complete that formality first. In the case of most software providers a minimal set of games will automatically be downloaded in a predetermined sequence. Players can always override this sequence by downloading their favourite games first.

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