Download Versus No Download Online Casino Software

Published on: November 19, 2008 

Download software is that which has to be downloaded and saved in the hard disk of the player’s computer. When the player then is connected to the Internet the software establishes a link with the online casino and enables online gambling. No download software is only temporarily stored in the browser of the player’s computer for the duration of the play. Neither software is inherently better than the other. Each has its pros and cons and the choice depends on the specific requirements of the player.

The downloading and installing of the download software is a one-time activity. The first time can take about 10 minutes depending on the speed of the Internet connection. But thereafter players can start playing immediately. No download software on the other hand is saved in a minute or so in the browser. But this time will be spent every time the player accesses the no download software because nothing remains saved on the computer. The leading online gaming software providers have found a way to nullify the longer setup time of the download software. A few of the popular games are downloaded first and are immediately accessible for play, while the rest of the software downloads. 

The download software can occupy anything between 5 MB and 40 MB of memory space on the player’s computer, depending on number of games offered and complexity of features in built. Also if the player does not have additional free space in the memory the playing speed will considerably slow down. On the other hand the no download software does not utilize any memory space on the computer. Hence if memory is a constraint that cannot be overcome then no download software is the viable alternative. Another relevant point is that if a player would like to play at several online casinos in the download format then he will have to allocate memory space to each casino’s software, which can be a tall ask. Therefore casino hoppers are advised to stay with the no download software.

The major disadvantage with download software is that it runs only on PCs using Windows operating system. Hence Mac and Linux users are blocked out. On the other hand no download software runs on all operating systems and this has allowed Mac and Linux users to participate in online gambling. The latest no download software requires plug-ins like Flash or Shockwave. This should not be a stumbling block because these plug-ins can be downloaded and installed for free.

Where no download software really loses out is on the quantity of the games offered. Usually no download software offers a little less than half the games available in the download version though care is taken to maintain the spread and also include the popular games.

Download Casino Software


  • Download required only once
  • Offers complete game range with all features


  • Initial download and installation on hard disc takes long
  • Uses significant memory space
  • Works only on Windows

No Download Casino Software


  • Initial download to browser is quick
  • Does not require any memory space
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux


  • Requires download to browser every time
  • Offers truncated game range, with some features left out.

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