Dispute Resolution with Online Casinos

Published on: March 16, 2009 

Dispute resolution with online casinos is a long drawn process and aggrieved players should not expect quick results. Also the process is usually carried out in a step wise manner.

The first step involves trying to resolve the dispute with the online casino itself. The casino must be intimated of the dispute and this must be done in writing. Hence it is best done through e-mail. Complete details must be provided so that the casino can easily verify their records. After sending the e-mail the player should commence follow up with the casino through phone or live chat. After each communication the player should confirm the discussions through an e-mail. The player should give the online casino reasonable time to respond. Also the player should maintain civilized language and tone while communicating with the customer support staff. Getting angry or abusive or threatening will act against the player. It will give the online casino an excuse to debar or suspend the player for violating behavioral rules. This will act against the player when the matter goes for dispute resolution to an outside agency.

The second step should be initiated if the casino resolves the dispute against the player and the player is dissatisfied with this decision. It can be also invoked if the casino is not responding in a positive manner. In this step the player takes the case to an independent agency. Most casinos appoint independent agencies for dispute resolution. For example in eCOGRA certified online casinos eCOGRA is the agency. If no agency has been specified then the player can take his case to the licensor of the casino. The player should forward all communication with the casino to the independent agency. With most agencies the communications will have to be through e-mails. Most accredited agencies do take dispute resolution seriously. If the agency rules in favor of the casino then the player should seriously reconsider his complaint. If the agency rules in favor of the player and the casino complies then it is case over. If the casino fails to honor the adjudicator’s order, or if the player is not satisfied with the adjudicator’s response or if he has failed to find an adjudicator then he should move to the third step.

The third step involves taking the dispute to public forums. Rather than doing this directly it would be more credible to use the offices of a watchdog organization like Casinomeister. The player can post his dispute on the Casinomeister’s “Pitch a Bitch” section. Casinomeister has been very successful in recovering players’ dues from online casinos. If Casinomeister is unable to recover just dues then it declares the casino as a rogue casino. A large section of online players follow the guidelines given by Casinomeister, therefore online casinos with long term outlook rarely antagonize Casinomeister.

Once Casinomeister declares an online casino as a rogue the player should simply write off his dues as bad debts and take his patronage elsewhere.

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