Development Of Online Gaming Software

Published on: November 30, 2012 

Before the advent of the Internet, software was available to play games like blackjack, rummy and video poker. However, the software had to be loaded on to the computer from floppy discs and had to be played only for fun. When the Internet was sufficiently widespread these games could be download from sites so that physical transfer was not required. However, there was still no wagering involved. In the mid 1990s Microgaming developed software for wagering. Players could utilize a play balance and actually wager on a broader selection of games that included online slots, roulette and craps. It was Cryptologic that first put in system that could securely accept payments from players and remit winnings to them. The modern online casino with real money wagering was born.

The software for online casino gaming was compatible with only Windows operating system and could be used only on PCs. This was the prevalent dominant system at that time. Mac and Linux users could not access these online casinos. The software required that the player download the files onto his hard drive and then wager at the online casino. Later, the software developers introduced instant play Flash platforms. These allowed players to open the games in their browsers and were compatible with Mac and Linux.

Both the download and Flash software worked on a Random Number Generator that simulated random events like the spinning of slots reels or the dealing of cards. A significant section of potential online players viewed this system with suspicion, even though there were processes in place for independent certification. To get these players on board software providers developed live dealer casinos. Actual casino operations were videotaped and streamed across the Internet to the players’ computers. This not only eliminated the doubts because players could see the actual operations, but it had the added advantage of wagering in a live casino environment.

With the significant advances in mobile telephone technology, real money wagering has come to handsets. Players can now engage in remote gambling while commuting and waiting for appointments. With smart phones becoming the norm, the quality of the games has improved considerably. Even graphics and animations rich video slots can be accessed on mobile gaming. Today this is the fastest growing area of remote gambling and most leading online casino operators offer this service. Another medium that is being used more and more for remote gambling is television. Roulette is the most popular game here. Dedicated channels offer television gambling in the format of reality game shows with celebrity hosts and the complete razzmatazz.

The next stage for online gambling is social networking sites. The membership numbers at these sites far exceed those at regular online casinos. Many such sites offer games of chance and some are dedicated to gaming. Till some time back these games were only for fun. Systems are being evolved that allow the members to purchase points and use them for betting against other members. The networking sites do not accept bets or administer the wagering. In order to take things forward complex legal issues will have to be resolved. Such networking sites are getting organized to meet the challenges. Investments are being made in a big way because if a breakthrough is achieved then the volumes are mind boggling.

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